Thoughts on Shingle Condition

I will call Carson Dunlap and my past Instructor to let them know they are wrong.
Seriously ,will look more into this over the weekend though.

Granules make up about 1/3 of the weight of a shingle… I have already stated their purpose. It is normal to have some granule loss, especially that of a new roof…they are call riders.

In addition to the loss of riders, with any storm you will have granule loss… which can be classified as aesthetic or functional loss…most roofs will have aesthetic loss.

Other losses often fall into the mechanical category which are those losses outside of normal wear and that of wx.

Sorry Bob but I don’t put a whole lot of stock in home inspection mills (or GC mills)… I put my stock from directly dealing with manufacturers, engineers and personal observations from building homes since 1978 which includes hands on knowledge from surveying, footings and foundations, framing, roofing, insulation etc.

I am no fan of storm chasers neither am I a fan of hired gun wannabees (Haag) who parrot what they are told in order to save money for insurance companies like Erie (basterds)… I probably detest some of those sob’s more than the storm chasers simply because most of them don’t understand the dynamic relationship that one building system has with the other… but I digress.

There have been ongoing studies for over 10 years as to how much granule loss truly does affect the service life of fiberglass shingles…yet in all my roof inspection reports I do not allow my self to be drawn into the granule loss argument… as of this writing I am batting around 98% which is why I have people calling me from all over the US including insurance companies, adjusters, roofers, etc… most of the pictures they send me (taken by storm chasers) are not that much different than what was originally posted here.

I advise for those HI’s who are not as verse on shingles, especially anomalies, is to simply report what they observe and if necessary recommend that the manufacturer inspect same…calling most roofers to inspect the service life of a roof is like calling a fox to inspect a hen house.



I have a full course from CertainTeed sitting here on my desk that I keep meaning to get to, and it is on line certification that would be helpful for anyone to go through as the material looks very well put together .
I got it on request when I noticed one of our member put the Master Shingle Applicator logo in his signature.

I recommend anyone interested go to their site and get started if work is slow enough to study while they can.

My other July’s were slow but I am still going this year, so guess I will get to the course next slowdown.

Bob, that’s a great course! One of the best I found and it’s free. CertainTeed is a good resource for anyone having questions, especially about comp shingles. I havbe a lot of respect for that company. GAF/ELK has a good tech line too.

Thanks…Now I feel guilty.:slight_smile:
Yeah, it looks excellent and I am looking forward to completion.

Never been an actual roofer and with water Intrusion we need to really know all we can about the subject.

Too many issues with flashing,lack of kick outs,lack of sealing nail holes,lack of drip edges,poor sheathing ,poor drainage, etc ,to let it go.

Many manufacturers have excellent data and websites that go in depth about shingle application. I am not a certainteed fan though…my experience is that they dont seal as well nor do their granules.

I love OC colors…but they seem to put more fiberglass in their shingles which have a tendency to gravitate into your skin for weeks. lol

I deal with manufacturers who turn me onto various educational programs they have…GAF actually has excellent hands on courses for free at various locations.

So does CertainTeed Jeffery.

I have taken all the courses they have available including the Master Shingle Apllicator’s Manual and Shingle Technology Manual.

These are the other courses here; :slight_smile:

Yee haw. Yesterday’s inspection. Luckily it had 3 layers and so it isn’t likely to leak for a long time.

roof 2.JPG

roof 2.JPG

roof 3.JPG

roof 1.JPG

Should be good for another 25 years Kenton. :mrgreen:

Oh good, I was hoping to pass on the liability for this one. I sent them the link to your post and your attorney’s adress, Marcel. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

just a little joke