Thoughts on this panel

Please give some thoughts on this panel, don’t want to miss anything.


Its very old . Green wire used incorrectly . In Canada Green is Ground only White used as Hot ( Should be taped or painted . Looks Like #8 should be in a lug type fastening some wires no tension. Looks like there could be circuits with no ground .
I see enough for me to write it up as Repair by Qualified person Immediately
Roy Cooke .

Ditto previous comments…

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This is one of the first “circuit breaker” designs ever made (during the transition period from fuses).

There are no replacement breakers manufactured for this setup that I am aware of. I believe these were manufactured by Federal Electric (prior to Federal Pacific Electric).

They are not Stab-loks, but the system is old, perhaps early 40’s or earlier.

That is actually made by Square D. The breakers are made up in those “blocks” and when one fails, the whole block has to be replaced, altho the others will still work. I have seen a number of them fail. Is is not a good idea to switch them, as they may not reset. Breakers are only available used. (I have a few in my shop, but I’d never recommend using them as a fix, they are at least 50 years old)

At the very least I’d inform your clients that any problems with this antique will mean they will have to replace it with a new panel.

I would be recommending a complete upgrade. Don’t sweat the details, just state its outdated and should be budgeted for replacement asap.

I have looked and looked and looked at the picture.

Are the neutral and egc fused???

I can not tell from the picture.

Maybe they can defray the cost by selling it to Gerry B or Joe Tedesco as a cool pass around toy at the show.

lol…MAN I am so glad I was not suggested in that PASS AROUND statement…lol…:wink:

Yeah…better off simply updating the panel with some NEW MODERN flavors…:slight_smile: