thoughts please

I found this link very interesting, what do you think?

There is I think 3 or more strings on Mike Homes and Concerns on what is happening in Ontario at this time on the canadian site .

Thanks for noticing we would appreciate any ideas or thoughts on what we can do to make sure it is to the advantage to our Industry

Now, he is a writer on top of being an actor, CE provider, etc. etc.

Does he actually inspect? Are IR cameras part of a minimum HI standard?

Seems to me he is advertising for gaining reveune from CE classes, IR sales, and more expensive home inspections.

A while back I found a video on Youtube that a Candian home inspector made and he was challenging Mike Holmes for his stance on home inspections. He made a good case and presented it well.

However, the public pounced on him with comments on the video. It was like somebody rubbed the guy with raw meat and threw him in with a pack of hungry wolves. He did attempt to stand firm, but it did not matter. Logic, facts, examples not withstanding, he had “attacked” their superhero. Mike has been voted the second most trustworthy celebrity and people could care less whether his methods are “made for TV”.

I guess he is going to get policies past where an inspector can rip out a ceiling if he suspects some substandard framing methods, or tear out the tile in a shower if some of the caulking has deteriorated. It would certainly make an inspection more interesting!!!

Mike Holmes is an entertainer first. Thus anything he says is meant to promote his image/brand first.

That being said, standards are good if they are the right standards. The only thing I hear him say repeatedly which I believe is bad for home inspection standards is that inspectors should be predicting/imagining - and I assume reporting on - all the terrible things unseen based on the evidence on the surface. This very generalized statement has just enough truth to it to make it dangerous and God help Canadian inspectors if under-defined expectations such as that find their way into inspection standards.