Found this while poking around online last night:
This is exactly why I do not watch the news, ever…because it rarely ever tells the objective whole story. Pretty obvious this insured had their initial wind mitigation done by someone who didn’t know what they were doing to fill out the form correctly, looks like probably gave FBC credit for the tile roof and probably marked impact protection without being able to get manufacturer information to back up findings. Wish there was some sort of mandate by the Florida product approval that for impact resistant windows/doors to permanently stamp or etch something (like they do on the shutters). So many times people can’t get credits because the stickers are removed or painted over. Just more wishful thinking by me I guess…

If he really deserves the credits, he will get them. He just needs to have the inspection re-done by a knowledgable inspector. Many of the inspections can be over ridden quite easily.

“The companies say they’re out to stop costly fraud, but Jim and others feel that the re-inspections are an excuse to jack up rates.”…this pretty much sums it up. Citizens is a disaster and they’ve got to cut HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS

Disaster indeed. I had an agent call me today and say Citizens was rejecting a roof inspection I had done because I signed the form Daniel Glenn Fricke, and my license is listed on the DBPR site as Daniel G. Fricke. Guess the interpolation of me writing out my full middle name was just too mind blowing for them.

LOL…What it is in my opinion (I have seen it numerous times) there is a girl in the office who’s husband, brother, boyfriend does these inspections. They want to cause as much headache for the outside inspector. They don’t want people recommending YOU because it always gets “messed” up…while their guy never has issues…go figure.

Another conspiracy theorist … I love it

Seen it…reason I know. My buddy is the boyfriend of one of them. He gets them all!

Most insurance companies have a go to guy that rewards them in one way or another and not necessarily with great accuracy and service. :roll:

Just a fact of life and the way of the world as far as I am concerned.

That is why we need pictures…:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

And all for $65 too. :lol: