Could these be settling cracks? Same place on front and back of house, appear to have been patched at sometime. Narrative would be something like this…”cracks in brick/mortar front and back repair/replace as needed. Recommend monitoring for future movement”. House built in 1988.

Need a close up image of defects.
Just because there are repairs does not make a defect.
I would be all over the wall opening…WINDOWS!
Look for loss of caulking or voids. Those sills maybe suspect also. just follow the staining.

I hope you are not talking about the radius header sailor bricks being the replaced/repaired bricks.
More images please.

What a dump!


I take it you do not eat much.:wink:
Mine is every morning.

Just joking…that’s a palace. Are you doing this for the Queen? How big is the electrical service?

Hey Robert;

Is that the term there? When I used to lay brick…a long, long time ago, we called them a soldier course. That was a level course though, not sure about the arch but I would still call them soldier bricks.
It struck me funny to hear sailor course especially in light of the term soldier used down here. It certainly does not matter at all, just struck me funny. Were you a sailor?

post #3. “radius header sailor bricks”
There is no lentil so the radius header solider course supports the running bond courses above. I am use to see a common bond on a field so large. It gives better integrity to the wall.
I see the ***serpentine cracking***in the masonry bedding in image 2 between the windows.
I laid a brick or two as well. I also worked tin and copper.