Thousands of Alberta homes could rot

"Stucco covering linked to leaky walls; crisis could rival pine shakes scandal, expert says" anyone had a Home Inspection where the Exterior Insulation and Finish System became an issue?

The sad part of all this is they are all pointing the finger at everyone else.

The biggest finger pointer is the city. The city does the code inspections and have the authority to order the work redone if it does not meet the code. If it’s not in the code then it must not be used and the code inspector must order it removed. In my opion if the inspector has the authority he also has the responsibility.

I have only seen two homes where it (EIFS) was installed correctly at the time of construction. We have whole neighborhoods with EIFS installed wrong.

The need to look real close at how the moisture barriers and flashings were installed and quit blaming stucco for all the problems.