Three Prong Adapter with Green Pigtail

Question at convention:

Was the 3 wire U-Ground adapter, with the green pigtail ever acceptable, that is listed by UL?

This is the current acceptable use of an adapter:

I have one in my hand with a U/L listing mark

If your tester indicates a grounded connection, isn’t that sufficient?

The three prong ground adapter with the green ground wire was acceptable at one time, and had a UL listing. However, people tend to not bother connecting the green wire even if it’s a grounded metal outlet box. So now only the three prong ground adapter with the green metal ground tab is acceptable. I guess the thinking is even if you dont connect the tab that it will have a tentenacy to make contact with the metal screw or faceplate, and provide some type of protection … :roll:

I tend to think either type can be a hazard, as most people wouldn’t know if the outlet box is “grounded”.

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Please send or post a picture of it.

Thank you Sir!

What should I say about this defect?

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This is one, I have another style with the pigtail and it is U/L too.