Three prong/two prong

Would you guys note this? If so, what would you say?

Garage door opener with three prong plug, attached to a two prong outlet via an adapter.

I write up any permanent appliance when there is an extension cord. In this case, I said something about the likelihood that it wasn’t properly grounded, and that it should be re-wired.

Think I was too picky?

If the home had grounded romex, and the opener was designed to be grounded the I would think you are correct, and replacing the plug shoud be sufficent.
If the home was an old 2 wire then GFCI perhaps.

No, you are not too Picky Mark… :smiley:


Yes you were, absent of some on-site verification.

Adapters are a legal and appropriate means of conversion from three prong to two prong, provided that 1) they are NEMA/UL approved, 2) a grounded system exists, and 3) they are properly installed (center tab screwed to center screw).

I would put in the verbiage above whenever you come across these things. Observe and report.

Adapters are not recommended, as nobody screws in the tab,the tab only works if the outlet box is actually grounded,and they should not be a permanent solution.

I call them out behind fridges all day.

Do you move refridgerators as a regular part of your inspections?

I’m tempted at times but it would be just my luck that fridge would be the one with a dinged up wheel that scratches the floor. :shock:

Or one of those $3 plastic ice maker lines that breaks when you roll out the refrigerator flooding the kitchen while you try and find the shutoff valve.:shock:

I do but in the past was an Appliance installer for Sears 6 years.

No other way to check the waterline.

It should roll easy and be careful not to roll over any scratchy material.

Be real careful over Bamboo and Cherry wood.