Three Season Porch

I just completed an inspection on a house that had a three season porch attached to the rear side of the building (see attached pics). The issue I have is that the floor joists are 2x6 members spanning about 10’. The rim joists are also single 2x6 members which are supported by 4x4 posts resting on “cow pie” footings. Moreover, the 4x4 posts are not notched to support the joists but instead the joists are simply nailed into the 4x4s. Also, the floor joists are not attached to the ledger or rim with joist hangers but just nailed together. When you walk on the floor it you can instantly feel movement.

In my opinion the floor structure is not stable enough to support the structure above it, particularly with the weight of a shingled roof. The Realtor is not happy with my reporting as he states that this porch has stood for many years without incident. My concern however is that while it may be sufficient for one or two people, what happens if the owners have a dinner party with 15-20 adults standing on this porch? I feel that I reported this correctly. Any thoughts?

I run into this same situation up here by Duluth Mn. I report as you did and I’ve heard that exact response “it’s been there for years”. I suggest talking it over either at the inspection or afterwards with the client and realtor. Is your client handy and you’ve made them aware of it so they can correct it after closing? Maybe they aren’t and can now have a contractor give them a quote use it for negotiation or their own knowledge. Whatever the outcome you’ve done your job. I always try to explain to the client and realtor it’s not right, it’s been there for years, but here are the concerns just as you stated. Something like this should not be a deal killer as it would be more than likely at most a couple thousand dollars to have a contractor fix. Good luck. Travis

IMO, based upon your description, the porch is unsafe and should not be occupied until repairs are made. Do not back off from your opinion. To heck with what the Realtor thinks. Your Client is your only concern!

My reply to the statement that* “It’s been there for years”* or *"it has “stood the test of time” *is:

*Everything, EVERYTHING has an expiration date. Perhaps today is the day this porch has reached it’s time! *

Thank you Travis and Jeffrey!