TI and New Construction

Today’s inspection revealed a leaking duct in a new home. The register is about six feet away on the opposite side of the wall. . .







Jeff you gotta stop… I can feel the 7K (and training) coming out of my wallet :smiley:

Seriously, has anything been said about training from FLIR being offered in conjunction with the 08 convention.
I’d love to schedule it just before or after that, I know I’ll have one by then… Nick?

today for me… your favorite FP full of Stab-Loks with a pristine service label circa 1961…

860 Lebby Street 047.jpg

Oh yeah…

Excellent find… :shock:

I haven’t heard any such thing as for the NACHI convention, however, I noticed they are offering it at the '07 ITA Convention in Vegas. I just got the flyer a day or two ago, but I haven’t really looked at it yet. . .

I’m planning to make the '08 Convention as I missed Toronto, I’ll keep asking the question (maybe even email Nick or Russell directly!)

Seems like it would be an ideal time to offer it, unless they want to do one near Charleston, S.C. :smiley:


Nice catch.

My hand is now reaching for a credit card…No, (changed my mind) I think I’ll wait a tad longer.

I want an infrared camera so bad I can taste it.

The training course one should take (4 day Level 1) is being offered in Savannah, GA in Sept… If I buy it now, I could play with it till then and then get the training…

What to tell the wife…:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

It’s funny you brought that up regarding the wife. I mentioned this infrared camera to my wife and she stated that I’m going to waste my money purchasing this tool.

We’ll have to see…won’t we?

Buy it in my name and tell your wife it is only on loan so you can see if you need to get one .
Yes I will share it with you 50% time for us both .
.That way you stay out of Trouble
… Cookie

It’s definitely an asset to the inspector and easily justified as such…

but it’s also the inherent liability involved with exceeding the ‘visual only’ State SOP’s. I’d have to have her figure out a suitable addendum or maybe even a separate PIA for the Thermal Imaging portion (much like a general Mold Screen with 2 or 3 samples in client defined areas) of the inspection.

Regardless (or is that irregardless :wink: ) I’ll have one sooner rather than later…

Sorry for the thread drift Jeff, you know I hope to be half the inspector you are some day! :smiley:

I fed my wife a few coctails before I broke the news to her and there was no screaming. I regestered for the Level I in Chicago in Aug. I did an inspection last weekend because the client saw the IR on my website, called to book the appointment, then asked how much extra $$$ the IR scan was. I told him it was included in the cost of the inspection(which has gone up $70):cool: :wink:

It is still visual. Just in a different/additional spectrum. You are not seeing in the wall, just the surface temperature. The trick/skill comes in interpreting what you see. I tell all my clients that, even with my infrared, it is still a “visual” inspection.

I just sold some stock and bought the camera anyway:D It is just amazing what I have observed just playing with this camera.

The home today was warm about 80 inside when I arrived and naturally being there by my self had to play with the cam I just briefly touched a sheetrock wall interior for no more than 2 seconds and snapped this pic of the heat my hand transfered to the wall. My hand is not in the Pic just the heat from my hand. I think this is going to be a lot of fun.

Take a wild guess what the 3rd Pic is bet even Will doesn’t Know

Here is one of my uninsulated attic hatch.

IR_0002 (Small) (WinCE).jpg

Linas, which camera did you get ?



Thats what I got, I was thinking maybe going SD but not sure yet.



Without me researching…What’s the difference between the B-cam and the B-Cam SD?

Storage capacity and software compatibility are the only real differences. The SD comes with additional memory (an SD card) and it is compatible with “higher-level” software.

The price difference is about $750.


Off topic of course…But…!!

I’m still waiting for an IR Zinsco and/or FPP post…:-;; …:-;;