Ti32 and SmartView Software

I am looking for some feed back from other Ti32 owners using the wide angle lens. I have talked with Fluke (several people) some were surprised to find out the software does not allow blending or PnP with in the software if use have used the wide angle to take pictures. While I trust that I am being told it is not available within the software I was never informed nor have I been able to come up with anything in the piles of information I collected before buying my camera did it indicate this was not an option. Sorry to ramble but if anyone is using a Ti32 and are able to utilize these function or have also exhausted their research on this issue. To say the least I am a bit disappointed this is not possible with the Ti32 wide angle lens since the wide angle is used so frequently in home inspection and auditing. Thanks in advance for your time.

No manufacturer can provide fusion or PIP with a wide angle lens unless the camera is specifically calibrated with the visible light camera for such. The visible light camera is fixed… no focus… set for the standard lens.

I utilize my wide angle lens on 95% of all IR inspections. Not having the fusion is not a disappointment to me. The benefits of wide angle FARRRRR outweigh what fusion can provide. In fact… I don’t think I have EVER provided a fusion in any report. The separate visible light image is more than adequate if necessary. You just have to make the right settings in SmartView to get the full visible light image rather than the slightly zoomed calibrated to your standard lens.

Terry, you can do the PIP or fusion inside of HIP if you want to. But like Bill said, most guys would rather just do a side by side.

Welcome to the real world!
You can not expect to “blend” a 28mm shot with a 105mm shot on your digital!?

Why now?
There is a “fish eye” effect that you can try to overcome with big software, but is it worth it?

It will never line up. The center of the wide angle will blend but that is not why you use it. Just put a Digital/IR Scan side-by-side and call it a day!

You can get what you want, at $87,000.00.
I’ll sell you one! :wink:

If you really, really want fusion images with the wide angle, you should be able to do it in software using a separate visible light camera with a wide angle lens. My FLIR EX320 doesn’t have fusion capability, but my reporting software does. Of course the reporting software lists for about $8K, by itself…

Like Bill and David said, I rarely include fusion images in reports and almost never in residential reports. Just publish similarly composed IR and visible light images side by side in your report.

Thank all for your input as I mentioned I had not seen anything during my research and talking with vendors I was just surprised to learn otherwise I even spoke to several at fluke that were surprised that it was not possible including some in their tech support again thanks to all for taking the time to respond. Side by side are fine I just wanted make sure the camera was working properly.

I’m not sure about the Ti32… but I have to tell (set) my camera to which lens I’m using. When I set it to the 10mm wide angle, it tells me “PIP not available…”

I use the T360 with wide angle calibrated to the camera and don’t have to change any setting. I just shot 82 images on a job with most of them in fusion and will use them in the report not to say that I don’t use both the fusion and the side by side in any given report. There is a problem with alignment in the fusion mode especially if shooting straight on. I have discovered the more angle one can shoot at the better the alignment. What I really like about the PIP is the ability to expand the IR horizontally and vertically in the software no ability to decrease in size from its original size in the primary software but its pixel size is small to start with. Its all about time the less time in the reporting mode suits me just fine.

I am going to make a statement here that some may disagree with but it is my opinion and I am going to stick with it. I see a lot of images posted here and other boards as well that have never been thermally tuned the crosshair is still visible to me this is indication of a newbie and I still have some of my first images taken with the cross hair visible on my web site just haven’t taken the time to replace the images with more professional images. Kinda like a $150 HI has newbie written all over it

Good post Charlie. I agree 100% on the thermal tuning.


No argument from me. I tune every image that I publish. The only time I publish an image with the FLIR logo still on it is if it’s a video frame capture (no radiometric data).

In most cases, if you realize that you can’t match wide angle with normal views you can use pip without anyone noticing the alignment issue.

Most of these pictures are long range reference scans anyway.

I use a BX320 i just walk into the area and take my shot with a 45. and then step back and take a standard photo… Then they can be stacked to look like fusion…works fine…

Good old BX320…



Yes a very good camera and I still have mine

What picture program are you using to do this?