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Can you all fill me in on how that contraption works on checking ground connections at fans. I’m looking at the Tiff 300 but want to make sure I know what the hell I’m doing before I purchase this.

What does the Tiff 300 do that the 100 can't?

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I don't know about the TIF, but you can use any good voltage detector to check whether a ceiling fan is grounded. If you turn the fan on and put the voltage detector against the metal shell it will either:

A. light up, due to the shell strongly radiating the electrical field (not grounded), or

B. not light up, because the fan is grounded and the field is far too weak

It's also a good idea to try it with the fan off first, in case some knothead wired it backwards or the shell is electrified (lights up while off). I read a detailed explaination of this once on another board, but I can't remember all of it.