Tidbits from the ASHI Message Board

I don’t know if this is happening in more cities than St. Louis and Kansas City, but this push for licensing is not really an “ASHI” thing, all the time.

In Missouri, the push is being led by the Missouri Association of Realtors. In order to give the legislature the appearance that home inspectors are involved in their effort, they have recruited some leaders of ASHI chapters to help them put up that front…with the promise of giving them seats on the new licensing board, once they have it in place.

The poor ASHI members are being duped to think that their leaders are supporting their objection to the bill, when they are actually working behind the scenes to lobby for it…thus, selling out their own membership for their personal gain.

There is a lot of filth in the real estate industry, here…and some ASHI people are up to their necks in it.

With that being said, we have many, many ASHI members working with us from every part of the state to stop the bill…and we are winning, with their help. I’m kind of hoping that this battle we will win - together - will help us become stronger and tighter in Missouri. That is…after ASHI cleans house and gets rid of their treacherous leadership.

And this is a direct result of state licenseing. Licensed with 1 or 1,000 inspections done. All the same, as far as the state is concerned.

Sorry, Jim. I just couldn’t resist. :mrgreen:

Well, I have pondered the thoughts shared by some as to how it is not a very nice thing for me to sneak into ASHI’s message board and copy posts of interest. After thinking about it for a while, I decided to sneak into ASHI’s message board and bring back this post:

(Notice how the new ASHI member asks his fellow members if ASHI is really all that good…and notice how none of them respond to his question. All they can do is attack Nick and NACHI.)

Dear Canadate or Associate,

Did you ever consider that ASHI is guilty of rhetoric as well? What is it about the “ASHI process” that is more rigorous? What is there in ASHI’s SOP that is superior to NACHI’s or any other home inspection organization’s? How is one “more qualified” because they pay $325 to a failing organization and passed some Mickey Mouse tests?

Rhetoric? I think someone who gloats they are “more qualified” based on his/her member in an organization (whether it is ASHI, NACHI, NAHI, 123456, ABCDEFG, etc.) is a guilty of rhetoric. Competance, dedication, quality of the inspection report, etc. are REAL qualifications.:wink:

Once again …
What does ASHI require of members that is substantially more compared to NACHI ???

Yup, Nick is a crook because we can obtain our certification without waiting for months of unnecessary bureaucracy to rubber stamp them.:roll: :roll: :roll:

Rhetoric again ???

ASHI inspectors are not better inspectors than NACHI’s. Where ASHI has an edge in many parts of the nation for now, is that customers perceive they have better inspectors. To many people the acronym ‘ASHI’ is synomonous with home inspection. This is NACHI’s greatest challenge - not who has an application fee…:wink:

So it is only professional when it is done behind the covers of a closed and censored BB, where there is nobody to defend the other side of the equation? Well, I imagine there are a few NACHI members who participate on that farse of a BB but they side with the populous …

Make us look better? Who said this is the aim of this BB and this thread in particular? The aim of this free speech, public BB is to share our insight and support to better ourselves. The “bashing and berating” you are speaking of is our unsanitized rebutes to the highly unprofessional conduct of an organization that dishonestly brands itself and its home inspector superior to everyone else. This same organization hides behind closed doors from the consequences of such misconduct but I guess I should have sympathy for them whenever those doors are busted down.

There is nothing to compare. NACHI, ASHI, NAHI, etc. have almost identical SOP and they require tests that any Dime-A-Dozen can pass. In licensed states, these memberships don’t require jack more of a HI compared to the licensing law. I am a proud member of NACHI because of all the tools they provide that make me better home inspector, not because for the canned “credentials”. Sell your merits, not your memberships.:wink:


I shopped around and joined NACHI because I felt that, with the broad range of experience I possess, it would be punitive to join ASHI and be branded a ‘candidate’…as if I knew little and needed to have my hand held by a more seasoned “big brother”. Then I visited the NACHI board and saw that there are a whole bunch of big brothers right here, if I need them. The choice was simple.

Our Nick, ladies and gentlemen, is a genius.

Sorry I haven’t been around in a while. I was wondering why my ears were burning.

Guilty as charged, I was the 2006 ASHI Vice President. When I donate my time and knowledge to an association, I try to do my best.

Nick has done a great job getting NACHI listed extremely high on the search engines. I feel it is an associations responsibility to create public notability by as many venues as possible. SE placement has been a long time fight of mine that seemed to fall on deaf ears. I really don’t want to get back into the politics of association life. I am going to contribute positively on both boards. I hope nobody will hold that against me.

FWIW, there is only one person who is harming ASHI right now. And it ain’t Nick. Nick is just doing a good job for NACHI. If people wish to criticize certain items that Nick tried that didn’t work, so be-it. I applaud him for standing up, admitting his mistakes, and moving forward. If ASHI’s “Janitor” (I believe that is the right term) was a little more honest, I think they would be better off. Just my two cents. I am sure the beatings will continue until morale improves.

I will not contribute to this thread any longer, but I will always be happy to talk privately to anyone. My number is listed in my signature.

Charles please do in time come back and post here it is a great place with many good inspectors .
I am sure we would enjoy your posts and we all need each other , to help keep the Inspection industry moving ahead .
Roy Cooke

Isn’t that the ultimate goal? Thank you Roy.

OOPS sorry about contributing to this thread.

It is nice to hear from one of the respectable members who hails from “the other side”! As I said previously, it would be nice if fine folks such as yourself channeled your skills and positive energy into a new organization that sincerely has the intent of serving the home inspection industry. Gromicko himself will probably tell you that NACHI will never have all the answers. It would be nice to have a second organization that fills the void. Instead, we have two dying organizations who cling to their dying ways.:roll:

Chuck. Don’t be a stranger. Join in. Contribute. We are all jerks (more or less). Just try to help.

There is no shame, only honor, in that.

This is NACHI. :cool:

I thought I would take a quick run over to the ASHI board, before it was shut down due to lack of funds, and grab some more amusement.

Read this one. Here is a thread where they discuss the possibility of someone coming over and reading their threads…It has a surprise and funny ending.


Their board is so pourous as to be silly.

They should get themselves a new webmaster.

Look at all the back biting and finger pointing form the members. These guys do not have a clue about operating a web site.

This is so 3 generations ago.

You get what you pay for, and it seems that they do not pay much.

Heck, my personal web site have better ratings. (and is more secure). I just run it (I am my own webmaster and author) out of my basement.

Cost? Less than $200.00 per year (not counting my time). :mrgreen:

If they want to be competative (and secure) they can hire my 13 year old daughter.

But they can’t, because she can’t get a work permit;-)

Wish them well.

So funny to see them post their paranoid ramblings, yet freely come to this board to post their BS. Ah, free speech… ain’t it great?


This is good. If the ASHI members have trouble reading their thread because their server is too slow, they can come over to this BB and
read the ASHI forum from here… Keep posting… your helping an ASHI member who is probably reading this on a dial up connection.

They will thank you too, because it will be less strain on their server
if some of the ASHI members come over here to read their own forum.
If they have something important to post, it will be more secure over
here too. This will help them save money also.

Can we say COMMUNIST?!

You know, there are things said on any BB which would not be considered P.C. but what about it? If our so-called “unprofessionalism” is bad for business, Mr. Bushart would have closed up shop a long time ago. Heck, if I was a prospective client who knew next to nothing about home inspections, I would be very interested in Jim’s services. I would prefer to have a home inspector who takes no shame in exposing the industry’s demons over someone who will only do what is considered P.C. I would seek the home inspector who is going to tell the undoctored truth about my house, not the one who sympathizes with my realtor.