Tie Rod Leak behind Panel

Multiple tie rod leaks. Can’t confirm for sure that the leak behind the panel is a tie rod leak, only assuming.

Opinion. Easier DIY repair to dig from the outside and plug, or call a pro to move the panel and fix from the inside?

Thanks in advance for insight.

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Call in the DIY repair? Serious?


This isn’t for a client…

Client or not, as a HI are you recommending a DYI repair? Only if the DIY is qualified in the profession.


I’m not recommending anything. I’m asking for insight from people on this forum. If you have nothing constructive to offer about the subject, move on.

You mucking things up, Tom? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Constructive; Hire a pro.
Less helpful: DIY!

What more do you want? Jeez! :upside_down_face:


You say free?

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If this were my house, I would dig and repair it from the exterior.


Especially when you have this

Multiple tie rod leaks.

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Bubba would be proud of you, Scott! :sunglasses:


My house will be abused by the next inspector. Just saying… :shushing_face: :thinking: :rofl:


If the DIYer knows what they are doing.

Just a bandaid that will fail.

By a professional. One that stands behind their work…


Hold my beer, we got this.



Never…ever…put DIY in a report. Even if you explain with exquisite detail how to fix it (anything), you now own it if the client screws up the fix. And the “fix” may become more complicated as a pro works on it.

My two cents…write up something like “Water intrusion through foundation wall. Recommend evaluation and correction by a professional foundation contractor.”

With something like that, you have done your job as a home inspector who is acting as a generalist observer. Describing the repair is beyond what we do.
As often mentioned in other threads on this forum, it is OK to advise your client that these kind of repairs are always best done from the outside.


You got it Lon! :+1:

Report on condition observed. No more, no less.
Refer to licensed foundation repair specialist for immediate repairs.
Include, act upon any referrals offer.

Thanks, but I posted that this inquiry was not for a client, and that I was not recommending anything to anyone. Not verbally, not in a report. I simply posed a question for insight.


I understand and that’s cool. To your question, foundation sealing should nearly always, be done from the outside in addition to providing good positive drainage of surface water away from the foundation to at least 5’ and 10’ if there is room. In areas where the soil is often near saturation, traditional surface drainage guidelines are less effective. In my area, a good drainage apron around a house, frequently solves these issues in all but the rainiest periods.

But the larger point of my response is for our newbies, who are here to learn (among the many things to learn) how to properly write a report.