Tie Rods

I wonder if anyone can identify these tie rods as per the attached picture.
There are 3 metal rods running from one side of the home to the other and also from front to back. They are located at the top of the stone foundation.
The ends of the rods have a round wooden disc about 10" diameter on each end.
I have never seen these wooden discs before, only metal crosses and these are usually located higher up the wall.
Would this have been a repair or part of original construction?
I would appreciate any input.

John Arnott
Welcome Home Inspection Services
Guelph, Ontario

It’s a structural stabilization method. Many, many brick buildings in LA installed similar devices after the big Northridge quake.

Hi Kenton,
Thanks for your reply.
I am suprised by the use of the wood discs which are sure to deteriorate over time. Also is the location at the top of the foundation wall typical.



I’m surprised that they used wood too. Usually it’s metal. In seismic country they put them all over on a set schedule according to the engineer’s specs. Looks like near the top of the foundation is where they had the problem.

I wonder if they were thinking that it would be somewhat forgiving versus putting additional stress on the brick…but why not use plastic or fiberglass.

In England, where brick buildings may be 400 years old, tie rods are common, both at the bottom of the wall and the top. The usually use decorative washers instead of round; stars etc.