Tight budget? You can still add on to your house!

Thankfully, I didn’t have to inspect this. Just drove by and couldn’t resist the urge to snap a photo. The piers jump out at you. See anything else?

121608 184.JPG 121608 185.JPG

121608 184.JPG

Joe that is just so beautiful in so many ways…you didn’t stand under it did You ???

I see something , the installed the door on the wrong side for the pool. but it will be well vented I also think the shingles dont meet at the top other than that it would sell as Rustic home Home on a beauiful wooded lot with a fishing pond at your door in TN

The satellite dish is pointing at the structure.:wink:

Did you notice the plastic in the gable end? It was flapping in the wind.

I can see the headlines: “Man leans on pier. Dies when house falls.”

Watch that first step, its a douzy.

My, there is soo much to see… I especially love how the gutters run through the addition! :shock::stuck_out_tongue:

Is that an outhouse in back with a sewer pipe to the stream below?


Mother-In-Law addition?

Has to be----:lol:

That’s designed so Bubba can back up his pickup truck and shove her out into the bed after he offs her after being told her daughter would have been better off marrying her highschool boyfriend.


I am sure everything has a purpose, no matter how poorly executed.

You guys just don’t understand hard times looks like a mansion compared to what I lived in as a boy yall must been raised with a silver spoon in your mouth. I was 16 years of age before we had indoor commodes 1961:shock:

I think I see a small section of gutter missing. Other than that???

satellite dish? I thought that was one a them new fangled micorwave heating units for the den. Dang I am stupid!!!

Who needs leaf gurad when you can do that. What a oney saver. ROFLMAO

I see they park the lawn tractor under there, hope that thing’s got good brakes!

No David, outhouses don’t come with sewer pipes. :stuck_out_tongue:

John Kogel