Tight Crawl spaces

After five years of sliding, and forcing my way through crawl spaces I finally made a mistake. I was squeezing under some ductwork, and twisted and exhaled at the same time and felt a very intense pain. Went to the doctor today and he said I had a fractured rib.

Lesson learned!

Ouch !!! Hope you heal well

Shouldn’t be too bad Ben, if I recall it only really hurts when you breath.

Be careful and heal

Whatever you do…don’t forget you have a broken rib before you let out a huge…sneeze :wink:

Sorry to hear that:( I am working on away to inspect the crawl spaces with out having to crawl around. I have ordered all of the parts and as soon as I get it up and working I will let everyone know about it. It will be alot of fun to.:roll:

Mark, I think I may be needing it! Hurts like crap.

I broke a couple ribs about 4 years ago. A friend told me to go to a sports store and buy on of the sweat belly bands. It worked great. Just wear it during the day to give you some support. And don’t br surprised if you don’t lose a couple of inches to boot.:slight_smile:

My advice for all inspectors to heed this warning, especially if you operate a multi-inspector firm…

be wary of any confined space entry.

You’re lucky with only a broken rib. It could have been a 10" gash from a sharp edge. No one may have known where you were as you bled out. You could have been bitten by a poisonous spider or snake, or rabid animal. You could have been electrocuted from an uncapped live wire coming into contact with your skull. You could have encountered rat feces, and contracted hantavirus. You could have fallen into a rat’s nest. You could have gotten stuck.

All of us are guilty of believing that we must venture into areas that can hold a particularly nasty set of dangers. Think twice before you crawl once…

BTW, Brian, I hope you’re feeling better…

Excellent advice Joe.

Brian, whatever you do don’t sneez!!:shock:

Last week I got into a crawl and did not think I was getting out. IF not for the client watching, I probably would have died in there after the water supply had run out. However as with all of us when someone is watching I simply forced myself though the hole (scratches and all) like nothing was wrong. Have to look good to the client and not be to embarrassed.

Be careful…

My crawl space edicut.

If I can fit with some gimmie room, I go.

If there are lot’s of Black Widows, I do not go.

My biggest problem has been scorpions.

If I see 1 fat tail I do not go.

Fat tails are very common here and they can KILL you.

They call them Bark scorpions around here.

I am curious as to what the other 2 AZ inspectors do when they se … Widows or bark Scorpions??/

Our problem is Brown Recluse. And of course snakes. I try not to think about it, but the rib you have to think about it. the doctor gave me a band to where, I am calling it the “Bro” instead of a Bra. (off of Seinfeld) The rib is up high, it looks like a “Manzeer” But it does seem to help.

The brown recluse rots the skin, I have heard of amputation also.


I had a nail go into my leg, being in Florida I thought I may have been bitten, I moved to fast banged my head and then put my back out. I had 2 weeks where I could not work.

My rule of thumb is SAFETY FIRST! If it is not safe for me then guess what I do not go! I really don’t care to impress anyone. The last time, I was in a tight place was in an attic. I was up there crawling around over a heating unit and I was stuck. The buyer and real estate agent was down in the hallway. They kept asking me if I was ok and I just kept talking to them, not raise a concern.
I also fell off a ladder going onto a roof too. Fortunately, I did not get hurt. Just my Pride! Again, in front of a client, very impressive. So I just have decided. SAFETY FIRST! Reason? If I am down who is going to work my business.
Time Loss/Position Loss! Real Estate Salespeople call for an inspection and I am not available a couple of times. Will they call again? There is always someone to step in. So keep in mind SAFETY FIRST!
The thrill stories are great but is a leg, arm or life worth it? Even the pain of recovering?


I wont go in Todd…

Man… looks like I am luckier than I thought to have almost all slab-on-grade construction in SW Florida!

My most painful/embarassing moment: You know those metal attic access doors that are hinged on one side? I was on a ladder in a garage, near the door to the interior. I twisted one knob to open the attic access door, thinking I would then support it with one hand while I twisted the other. Problem was, the second latch was already slightly open. The door swung down at me and knocked me off my ladder and all the way INTO THE DRIVEWAY! I was lucky in that since my arm was already up, the door hit my forearm, and my forearm creamed me right between the eyes. If the door itself had hit me in the face…I might STILL be hearing bells!

Is someone gonna answer that phone?!

Brad Wheeler
Naples, FL

All SLABS, an inspectors dream.