Tighten that seatbelt little Jimmy, we're home!

Here’s what I wrote about the driveway, sound accurate?:

The client is cautioned to ensure all occupants of automobiles entering or leaving the right side garage have seatbelts, safety helmets and all other protective devices in place prior to using the driveway. Failure to heed such advice will likely result in extreme risk of personal injury and mechanical failure.

i’ll sell 'em a set of curb feelers i picked up recently…

Man, that is classic. Never let a storm drain get in the way of a house that looks good on paper.

Nice one Michael

That is the towns fault for approving it ,then not correcting the issue.

To be honest, that driveway is the least of that home’s problems. Once I get a little break I’ll tell you about those signs taped to the garage door.

they’re in luck, runnin’ a May special on 16d duplex curb feelers…i’m no longer using them


I got the same but because the tire can’t be repaired and vehicle is a 4 wheel drive all 4 tires have to be replaced $$$

The rest of the story: It’s a 20 year old mid-priced home, ~3,600 sf, two storey brick colonial in an upscale neighborhood. Probably would sell for about $375k or so. It was across the street from today’s inspection. Sorry for the crappy photos, shot them thru double paned windows and there were reflections.

  1.The complete interior and some of the exterior window trim was completely gutted. 

2.How would you like to back out of that right side garage half asleep in the morning…you’d get quite a jolt I think (photo in post #1)
3.All drywall, fixtures, flooring, insulation, wiring, A/C condensing units, etc gutted.
4.Signs on garage doors say “Ozone in Use, Do Not Enter” or something to that effect.
5.Side yard was extremely wet, marshy and water dripping off the roof at 11:00 am (not dew)
6.City of Austin construction Permit in front window expired a month ago. No apparent recent construction activity.
7.No soot or any signs of smoke or fire damage on the exterior or the windows.
8.Interior studs have been painted with the silvery paint used to cover fire damage.

  OK, some things suggest fire, others don’t. We’ve speculated fire, mold, meth/crack but I’m really kind of baffled. Any thoughts? I’m just curious, I don’t need to know anything for sure.

possibly tainted drywall remediation scam