tile roof credits

does anybody now if underwriters are giving credits for Tile Roofs on the new wind mitigations

yes/no… some yes, some no…depends on year of installation…permit#., which carrier, which underwriter, today- yes, tommorow-no… its up to the inspector to decide and suffer the consequences.

Its not up to the inspector to decide. It is up to the inspector to report, show pictures, and let the underwriter decide. We shouldnt have to be the bad guys anymore in this.

whats the anwser to his question?

Not up to us to answer. Inspect, report properly, take picutures, collect your fee, and move on. Let the insurance compnaies do what they will.

There is no discount on home insurance policies for tile roofs or shingle, nor is there one on the mitigation form. There is only a discount if the tile roof is adhered to the sheathing/underlayment in accordance with the stricter 02 Building code, or in Dade/Broward, the 96 code.

According to all of the input I have had from the underwriters the answer is no. They do not care weather the roof was done yesterday or last year for clay and concrete tiles.

That is my understanding as well

As per the new 1802, only shingle and metal roofs(which have past the tests listed) permitted post 1994/2001 meet the criteria for option A for predominant roof covering.

Read the question: #2 Predominant Roof Covering

Answer - A. At minimum meets the 2001 FBC** or** the 1994 South Fl Bldg Code and has a Miami-Dade County NOA or …(the testing standards for shingles and metal roofs)

In Bldg Code the “OR” ends the statement and begins another option. Yes a permit and approved tile roof (especially in the HVHZ) has an NOA and meets the code if it was installed after 9/1/94.

There are 8 pages of Miami-Dade County Product Approved - NOA- tiles(concrete and clay). The Authority Having Jurisdiction would not approve/issue a roof permit without a submital package, which requires the materials to have a NOA.

Additionally, as per the 2007 FBC, any tile roof installed as per the HVHZ standards meets the SWR.

The inspector must answer 'YES" if the roof was permitted after 8/1/94 and has an approved final inspection, for any roof tile or…

If the insurance companies want to issue the credit is up to them, as this is free enterprise…

In the hvhz, swr is typically applied to the felt… 1802 requires swr to be applied directly to the sheathing. 1802 predominant roof covering applies only for shingle and/or metal, (there is a history behind the reasons why)… Tile roof coverings do not meet the criteria

This is the correct answer unfortunately. This come straight from the horses mouth (Bill York)

Per Bill York there is a mistake in the wording of the form that does NOT include tile roofs.

the inspector must answer the question correctly. not worry about what underwriters/ anybody wants. read the question and answers.

Your right on the money. Just ‘verify’ the facts on the ‘Verification’ form.

Let the agents and the underwriters determine the credits. That is what they have an insurances licenses for.

People are shopping for insurance, just provide them with an accurate WM that they can use.:wink: