Tile Roof ?????

2005 Permitted tile roof install.

Still gets the letter?

Thank you in advance. :roll:

does for me

I have never sent the letter and never had an issue :slight_smile:

Yes, send the letter… I do know that at some point it may come back. It happened to a WM one of my agents had been given. The inspector marked, yes for a 2001 building code compliant tile roof. It was rejected and they lost the credit.

That is the biggest issue with doing an inspection wrong.

Here is an example:

The client gets a credit at the beginning of the policy year and save $1200 dollars($100 a month) It sounds great until, the inspector is proven wrong.

Ten months later the credit is removed, they now owe for that year and will pay it next year also. You saved them $100 for ten months but now next year they will be paying $200 more a month to make up for it.

Now what if it was $2400?

Do them right the first time.

For what it’s worth, I asked Bill York specifically if sending the FBC letter is of any benefit. He said yes. Of course you must answer “B” does not meet. Hopefully the insurance co. will look at the roof permit application/install date, read the FBC letter and understand the situation.

Allstate agent questioned my wisdom on marking b with permit…I asked him to call the underwriter, the underwriter said submit the letter…case closed.

Hopefully the new form will be coming online soon…

I always write in next to section 2:

“Tile Roof: See Roof Covering letter attached.”

I do the same and have had clients call and thank me for inserting the letter for they said the underwriter would not have given them credit unless the letter was attached.

Thanx Fred, John, Jay

Okay I’ll ask the question!

What is “The Letter” from FBC that the preceeding entries are referring to?

Is it referring to submitting an excerpt from the FBC reference tile roof


Carl Salvo

Take the wind mit class. It is a letter to tell the insurance company that the roof meets FBC but does not meet the definition on the 1802 form.

where can I find this wind mit course you keep refering to?

NACHI course:

I believe HI are required to take it or a similar course to be allowed to perform Wind Mits.