Tim Eaton is an IT Rock Star!

Yesterday morning I sent a note to Nick Gromicko because I was concerned about not seeing my company when I searched for my business on Inspectorseek.com. Nick enlisted the help of Tim Eaton in the IT department who began digging around to diagnose the problem. Not only did Tim spend hours yesterday afternoon trying to find and fix the issues, but I received an email at 7 PM from Tim declaring he’d found the issues and had fixed them. Generally, everyone working anywhere disappears at 5 PM so I was shocked that he continued to work on the issues well into the evening. I searched Inspectorseek.com again and there I was, all over the place! Tim was tireless in his efforts to get everything fixed. Honestly, I am beyond pleased with the level of customer service and communication from both Nick and Tim. I am very proud to be a part of such an outstanding organization!:slight_smile:

Joe Wadsworth
Taylorsville, UT

Very nice!

I’m curious… did he mention what the problem was, and if it was isolated to you or is a system wide problem?

Joe’s zip code is new. The post office only recently created it. It wasn’t in our database.


Tim definitely rocks!