Tim Russert

With the passing of Tim Russert today, the world has lost an advocate of truth and jusice. As an attorney, author, lecturer, and political commentator, he embodied the underlying tenant of his Catholic faith: that love is the relative ability to give. In the short time that he walked among us, he made the world a better place.

Yes he did Keith.

He was a capable and, usually, un-biased, journalist.

The only thing that messes me up is the total replacment of all the news on the NBC shows (Today Show, Nightly News, etc) with the ongoing eulogy to him. Sure, he was a good reporter and a good guy and wrote a good book, but come on. It’s been All Russert, all the time, for the last 3 days!

Just goes to show you how important all these Mainstream media types believe that they are.

Will they do the same for Tony Snow, who is very sick, or for Britt Hume, who is one of the smartest journalists out there?

Sorry, I just had to vent.

Of course, prayers go out to his family. He was a good man and a good Father.

Will, I totally agree. I liked Russert and felt he was the best of the mainstream media types but a life is a life and Joe Smoe running the corner grocery is no less important to his family. I’ve always had a problem with some peoples lives being more “important” than others. I even saw a shot of a flag somewhere at half-staff because of Russert’s death. That’s just wrong.

No they won’t do the same for Tony Snow or Brit Hume. They have both shown that their own overall conservative philosophy and that of their boss, will supersede a truly balanced interview, broadcast or investigation. For the conservatives in the crowd, I am sure it is a good thing. For the liberals, not so much.

That was the difference with Russert and why every single person who sought a high ranking elected office, regardless of political affiliation, made time to go on Meet the Press. You don’t hear liberals on the conservative talk shows and you don’t hear conservatives on the liberal talk shows. For both, it is too confrontational and there is always the cheap shot taken by both sides. Not so with Russert.

The media lost a member of their family. If you don’t like the coverage, don’t watch. Let them grieve and let those of us that enjoyed the man for the last 17 years take a couple days to remember him and his accomplishments. He will be missed by many.

The flags were at half mast in his home town of Buffalo, NY who were honoring one of their own.

Hey Will…
I’ll email them, as soon as I’m done with my 1st inspection, and tell them to cut the crap so more people will go to nacho.org to view how great and smart will decker is:twisted: :twisted:

Just my opinion, Dan. You have yours and I have mine.

I do not attempt to discount you by claiming that you are only trying to prove how bright you are. Why do you try to use this ad hominium arguement against me?

Hope this helps;

You’re right Will. The media fawns all over itself and the fact that he was a liberal is icing on the cake. Not to say that he was not a good man but . . . . . .

In my experience, Mr. Russert, even though he was a center-left liberal, was an honest, hardworking and fair man. His professional interviews were honest, hard hitting (on both sides), extremely well researched and, main;y, un-biased. He did worl for Daniel Monahan, who was one of the few liberals who actually thought, worked and was honest in his opinions.

My beef is not with Mr. Russert, but with the “mainstreams” who still, as of today, dedicated almost the entire NBS Nightly News to his death, and to showing on the most left wing helpful of his vast array of work.

Again, he will be missed and prayed for, in my family.

Fine. May he rest in Peace and his memory be a blessing. May the L-rd comfort and keep his family. No arguement.

I see the nameless red square cowards can’t just have a reasonable discussion without hiding behind their anonymity. COWARD.

Tim Russert 6/16/08 9:17 AM more liberal drivel. Half mast flags are reserved for only special occasions you numbskull

Just have the discussion, no need to be an a$$.

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Steve. I always sign my posts and I always enjoy a good, honest argument.

All honest discussions only serve one purpose, the truth.

I helped.

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