Time/Date stamp on pics

Just throwing it out there…what are your thoughts on using time/date stamps on your HI (or any) pics?

I always use them. It shows a sequence of my time at that house.

If you end up having to crop some of the pix to show better detail, you’ll likely cut off the time/date stamp. So, that will leave you some with and some without which I, personally, would view as being less professional.

No Time Stamps for my pictures. Just like the above post stated sometimes I crop my pictures. Time stamps would be a good idea for showing time of start to time of stop.

Only on my cover photo.

Nope not me.

My digital camera stores the time and date the image was taken weather you display it or not. So even if I don’t display on image, if needed I could still have time and date available.
I would bet most cameras do this.

So does my phone.

Gotta love the digital world we live in today:mrgreen:

y e s

Only if you have the date and time setup on the camera itself…otherwise/usually i think it defaults to 1/1/1990 (i know mine does if I leave the battery out of it to long)