Time Delay Breakers?

This relates to a post I made a few days ago concerning 1875W hairdryers. I asked the Canadian Standards Association how such a powerful appliance could be used on a 15A bedroom circuit and here’s the answer I got. Is this news to just me?

"Hi John,

You raise a good point, however, to ensure that a breaker does not cause nuisance tripping the breaker is tested at 135% and 200% of it’s rating. The requirements are that the breaker must trip at 135% within one hour and at 200% it must trip within one minute.

Although the breakers vary somewhat in their reaction time from production batch to production batch at 1875 watts for the short hair drying cycle it would not introduce any issue with the breaker or other circuit protecting devices.

Hope the above is helpful and answers your questions.



Doug Geralde
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