Time for another dumb question....

WTF are these things? They ran along the borders to the flower beds.

6520 Lost Horizon 029.jpg

termite traps

Sophisticated Gopher holes. :wink:

Termite “bait”. The initial substance inside is …wooden strips. If during the course of checking the bait (wood), you find termite activity, then you put the termite poison stick inside that trap because you now know the location of recent activity rather than wasting poison and time putting it out all around the house. The termites take the bait back to the colony and feeds the queen the poison and the colony dies. They use these a lot here, in addition to conventional methods, as we have major termite infestations/problems in the SE. I do not open them as it is outside the SOP. Good idea to document it in your field notes and take a photo.

termite traps, depending on the presence it could be wood or actual control agent

A colossal waste of money for termites! If you are filling out a NPMA 33, this is a prior treatment.

That’s the big moneymaker for the pest control operator

Termite Baits

I also think it is a termite trap and baits that is setup by a pest control service

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