Time for another IR upgrade

Me thinks it time to upgrade my camera and software again. I just had a RFP for a very large IR job. Large enough for me to pay for a 640 flir in one months time. It would be my largest job to date. Its going to take me a couple of weeks to get enough info to put together a proposal. The organization has a 1.5 billion $ operating budget per year. I just want a little chunk I am not greedy just needy:D:D:D

Bragging’ again Charley!
You are totally full of crap! Oh ! Yes!
Do you still do your IR business in a friggin’ flat bed 3/4 ton PU truck?
Come on now!

If ya have it flaunt it . NO 3/4 ton its a one ton;-)

Your the dude that said there is no money in IR what a Dummy U R

Good for you Charley!

When you buy quality gear, you don’t have to upgrade very often.

Screw you and your very kind remarks…Thanks!
Charles…Really ! There ain’t no money in it for the average inspector.
You ain’t the average inspector.Huh?
Bubba… You have found a very special niche that works great for you. You are the exception and for sure not the rule…Agree?

That is good advise.

What are you referring to…
I hope it ain’t something I said…LOL

No i was referring to Mr. Evans advise which I regard with high esteem.

I am having lunch with a commercial real estate broker next week. He invited me and I expect he is looking to get me some inspections.
As a level one thermographer, I don’t know much beyond the basics so I’ll partner with a level 2 or 3 if the need arises but yes there is money in IR.
Most I made so far is $300 on top of the home inspection but even a new level one is gonna get paid more than the guy with the wrist watch IR camera.
Lots of guys with IR cameras here who offer IR for free. I do not.

Hope you get it Charlie

I agree but its been several years since I upgraded I like to stay current as my wallet will allow

That is where you are dead wrong. There is no IR school to teach how to make money in IR. I attended the school of hard knocks. The road was filled with rocks but persistence has put a little gold in the place where the rocks were embedded.

I have shared my IR thoughts with a couple of HI"S but they did not stay with the plan more than a couple of months and gave up. I shared my information willingly and did not ask for money unlike RR and a few more that I could name.

I know you’ve had your equipment for while. Because you bought a quality imager that you didn’t have to upgrade from immediately. That was the point I was trying to make. I’m still running the same imager from 5 years ago. They have time to pay for themselves many, many times over - like yer 1 ton. Buying cheap crap is false economy.

I believe mine is about 7 years old its been a good one

Good Luck Charley!

Like Charlie and Chuck said … Buy Good and You Don’t have to Upgrade much.

I started with a Flir i5; then went to the Fluke TiR; Then Fluke TiR 1; then Fluke Ti32; then added a Flir E8.

There are great deals on IR equipment … Except for the Flir E8, each one of the IR’s that I bought was between 1 and 2 yrs old, hardly used at all (one only used twice), and at about half price of their cost new.

I’ve been a certified professional thermographer since 2008, when I got my ITC Level-1. I’m on my third imager. It would only be my second, but the second unit I had was defective and I harassed FLIR, who failed to correct it when it was still under warranty, to the point that they finally replaced it. I’ll upgrade again at some point, but have no compelling reason to do so now.

Think about how many times over these workhorse imagers have paid for themselves over the years…

I started in Aug 07 about the same time as Mckenna and Andersen I think they were just ahead of me by months. I am on my 3rd camera and as of today I have taken 17,292 images just on my last camera and I have had it since about 2010

Even after 17,292 images my old camera still takes nice images and no its not for sale. These 3 images are typically the images that goes into every HI I do.

does that include the pictures You take of Your horses ?