Time is Running Out!

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Have you registered yet for Florida’s BIGGEST Inspection Conference in Years?

Want to find out what the big deal is about ISN and why EVERYONE talking about it?

Want to meet the 203K Queen herself?

Have Insurance Questions and need to know more aboutE&O Insurance?

Just want to hang with a bunch of Hippies?

What is this HON thing anyway? Why do you keep hearing about it everywhere!?

Looking for new software?

Trying to figure out how you can answer your phone 100% of the time and inspect the “other” 100% of the time?

Who is Nathan Thornberry?
All InterNACHI members can attend Nicks’ 2 hour class on Sunday “Tweaking Your Website to Generate a Steady Stream of Jobs” for FREE! **

We will have an InterNACHI Florida Event Wednesday night and a FLHII Chapter meeting Thursday night.

Come join in on the Comraderie, Earn your 14 hours CEU’s from today’s best in the industry experts such as Mark Cramer, Don Norman and Dominic Maricic to name just a few!

Early Registration Discounts Run out March 1st!
Use Code InterNACHI-150 to register for all 5 days for the price of 3!

***Questions? Call me or Email Me - MShishilla@HomeOwnersNetwork.com

Can’t WAIT to see all of our Friends!***

I’m going!

I’m not. :slight_smile:
that may help you sell a few more tickets

Check Ebay, you can get a cheap snake bite kit :D:D

What do you do if you find an alligator?

You feed it one of those 18 foot snakes that you have down there.

I sure hope so! I am sending all of the Hippies and Wannabe Hippies YOUR WAY!

I’ll fight the snakes and alligators off for you tho! :slight_smile:

(Hasn’t it been like 3 years? - I don’t think that scene will ever be forgotten!)


haha! Good One Bruce!

Looking forward to it!!
Hope to see you all there.

Oh man, now I’m worried. I’m going to end up with a booth full of snakes and alligators aren’t I ?!?!?!?!

T Minus… just a FEW MORE DAYS!

Everything is just about done. Can’t wait to see you all :slight_smile:

I’ll be there. I’ll be driving in from Venice Beach, Florida where we have a chapter meeting this Friday night: http://www.nachi.org/forum/f73/nick-gromicko-speaking-venice-chapter-meeting-venice-beach-fl-april-11-2014-a-88166/#post1137234 that everyone is also invited to.

Nick, do we just show up in Venice? Several people have emailed the contact and he never responded to us.

Yes, just show up. We’ll see ya there.