Time limit for inspection?

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Have you ever been given a time limit for an inspection?

I wouldn’t be comfortable with being told that I had a two hour time limit on-site (unless it was a 1000 sq ft condo), or any time limit for any property for that matter.

No! This is my business and I’ll take what ever time I need to do the inspection properly.

Nope, but it would be fine with me as long as I got paid up front in cash and had it written in the contract that there was a time limit and it is the reason some things were not inspected. I would not even list what things, I would say numerous.

Then go have a nice dinner with the cash.

I had an agreement with the customer, first time I was ever given something like this but I went ahead and worked it out. I tested no appliances, had them operate all windows and lights while I worked on major systems. In NY we can contractually change the SOP and that is what was done here. It was not the best case scenario for me but I was able to meet the wants and needs of my customer. I basically treated it like a slightly more advanced version of a walk through with the contract limits of a walk through.

My question would be who is limiting time? I would avoid anything not in buyers best interest…

I would tell them that I can inspect until I’m finished or I can inspect for the allotted time, but I can’t promise to finish in the allotted time.