Time line for logos?

"Would you like a great-looking inspection business logo like these: http://www.nachi.org/inspector-logos.htm ?

Post your name, email address, and phone number here.

This is another free InterNACHI member benefit."

I shure would
I shure did (#26 post June)
I haven’t heard anything but I realize it takes time being creative. Any ideas on time line?

Bruce, I posted about the same time you did, and I figure I got about another month or two.

I recommend that if you need one asap, don’t wait for it, just go buy one elsewhere.

Hi Bruce. I am currently on #24 on the logo request board. I will get to your logo today. Sorry about the wait on these guys but there were 30 or so people who had my personal email address before the message was even posted so I have been working through these requests in order. Yes, creativity does take time particularly when there are so many requests. You are #36 Jeffrey, so it may take me a little over a week (not a month) or so to get to your request, but I will get there. Thanks for your patience on this guys.