Time line to receive CMI

Good day, I had submitted my application for my CMI a couple weeks ago. I saw that the corespondance said that there should be a responce in 48 hours. I have emailed Chloe a couple times and tried calling the number today. The VM box is currently full. Just wanted to reach out to see if everything is alright or if my application is in the works. Thanks.

Rob, I would contact Nick at nick@internachi.org and tell him exactly what you said here.

He’ll be able to assist you.

And, here are other InterNACHI contacts: Contact InterNACHI

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Thank you Larry, I was looking for his direct email address.

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Remember, Internachi just had their ‘big recruitment push’ at whatever conference they just had.
I’m sure staff is busy dealing with all those attendees Nick dropped on them!