Time stamped pictures.

Ever since I have been in the inspection business I have always set my camera up so the pictures show the date. I don’t guess there is any particular reason I do it, but I do. So, with that being said I know when it comes down to it any attorney etc will have to go with the date the report was written. Is there any legit reason I should do it though, or does it even matter?


I do not do it for insurance inspections because when I have to go back years later there are many shots I do not need to take again. I have no reason not to on written inspections but I do not do it on them either.

There is no requirement, but you will likely be asked for all “original” pic’s taken at the inspection if you end up in court. Those files contain the date/time stamp already.

You can do like most folks and just say you don’t have them. Does not help your case though.

Thanks guys for your thoughts.