Time to buy Credit Suisse Group AG

Credit Suisse Group AG.

Terrible stock. Has a Annual Dividend/Yield under $1.00

Can it get beaten up any more?

No it cannot and that is the problem. All the numbers indicate this company could fold at anytime or profit is to far in the distance for financial risk.

The other problem is that stockholders will sell it next week to take the loss on paper to offset other gains before year-end. But I still think it will bounce up this week a bit.

I’m keeping my eye on to see if your right. Regardless, Merry Christmas Nick

It’s such a good, old, respected brand. It would be horrible if it went under.

The volatility of it’s stock sure points in that direction. It’s been sliding in the toilet for a year!!

It looks like they just sold about 1.5 billion new shares. That dilution takes it’s toll on the share price.

That’s ugly. I’ll save my money for better investments.

I made $3K on it (10% in one month), so I doubled down again today.

It’s great you made 3 K but most folks don’t have 70k laying around to invest in the stock market.

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What are you doin’ with all the $ you make down there, Michael? LOL!

I hope you and yours are doin’ great, my friend.

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I did it with $31K, not $70K. I only bought more today.

Up 10% in one month.

It would be interesting to know how many offshore bank accounts are under Credit Suisse’s influence.

Well…, for one thing…I’m not investing in crappy stocks…LOL. We are all doing well here. Hope you and yours are doing well. It’s been awhile since we last talked.

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Up $5,000.00 in a month:

Interesting. At a make or break moment. Back to bottom of channel means under $2.5. Breakout here can probably reach $5 but $4.24 looks good for lower target.
These channels aren’t usually the last move so whatever happens, it’ll get lower at some point Imo. I’ll see what call options look like tomorrow.
Not Financial Advice

Thanks Nick

I don’t know anything about technical charts.