Time To Look For A Sideline?

good attachment,but i have inspected in a down market,was pretty hard but i survived(did side jobs as well and never gave up being a home inspector)…but when the market turned around strong in 2000 i was there to reap the strong financial rewards as with the agents who stuck around the hard times.
didnt have any other add ons to my HI business as we have today
like MOLD INSPECTIONS…all homes are suspect and it doesnt just involve Real Estate. Thermo Imaging…Radon Testing etc.
Sure we will/have all felt it
Its a choice to be part of a resession and i choose not to be part of it,i dont listen to predictions,they were wrong when they said oil was going to $200 a barrel
Real Estate bottoms out, sits there for a bit then turns around and moves upward back into another boom time and time again
So lets do our best to survive this and prosper in the next upward Real Estate growth again

I agree work in the slow times to make our selfs stronger and ready for the good times, for if you dont have the slow times how will you know the difference.

Hey Amy!

  I totally agree with you. The slow times are where we build

character, gain understanding, and develop relationships, so when good times return, we have grown a strong root system, and are ready to explode into bloom, with the ability for sustained growth, even in dry times. Those inspectors who stick it out, will eventually prosper. Winners never quit, and quitters never win!