Time to send out Christmas Cards!!!!!!!!!!

Just a reminder to start getting your Christmas cards going. Last year I choose the Realestate office I had the most agents at, and sent Christmas cards to every agent. I ended up with two new agents & 12 inspections from them for the year. I will do the same this year hoping for two more. You want to pick that office where your name is already established & agents know you. That way when someone brings your name up the other agents there that use you will recommend you. This is the cheapest form of advertisement that works, period. Good luck to everyone in 2010.
Bryan Moree
Four Corners Inspections

Christmas cards, 2010 calendars, and flahlight ink pens going out this week :slight_smile:

Don’t remind me.


Best bang for the buck- and you can punch one button, and they are all sent . . .
for less than a buck!