time to update the panel

ITE split buss double tapped to run a sub panel, cut the side of the enclosure to route the AC circuit through the adjacent stud. among other things.

They do make the day interesting :slight_smile:

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Unfused circuits - cool! Nice picture Tim.

The Antelope Valley is loaded with those old Zinsco panels.

Wondering if the CA inspectors can confirm or deny if Zinsco was a West Coast company…I rarely see a Zinsco over here on the East Coast, and when I do, it is usually in some form of manufactured housing. Being Federal Pacific was an East Coast company (I believe NJ?), I’m also wondering about your frequency of seeing the Stab-Lok as well.

West coast thing is hard for me to confirm or deny… I’ve spent most my time inspecting on west coast…

Like Jeff and others have said, it’s good practice to take off the cover.

If I didn’t, maybe the seller or similar can say “I’ve never had a problem with it…inspectors are supposed to find things” Discounting our findings, then the buyer never had a chance to follow up and make his home safer.


Last week, I found an AL & Zinsco install… Suretest @ 12amp on a 10AWG AL circuit went from 121 to 103, is that bad? :slight_smile:

I don’t believe it was a “West Coast” company, but I can’t confirm that. I know we have tons of them. FPE is also very common in these parts.

We have thousands of homes in Valencia, built between 1970 and 1972 that have Zinsco panels with solid-strand AL branch circuit conductors.

It’s not uncommon to find 20% VD at outlets throughout the residence.

FPE was a Newark, NJ company. Since their products were so cheap and local they were installed everywhere around here from the 50-70’s. We’re still making some good money ripping them out. :cool:

Interestingly, the last Zinsco I found was last March, had solid strand AL conductors, and utilized RR-7 low voltage relays. It is very rare to see such equipment here. Because of the foreclosed nature of the dwelling I couldn’t measure voltage drop. I’m sure it was excessive.

It is amazing what people do.Zinsco is a west coast company. For the history see www.nachi.org/forum/f19/zinsco-history-11816

Federal Pioneer (StabLock) has been used a lot in western Canada . I have not yet seen any problems with them , even though I have heard mention that there can be .
Anyone know the relationship between Federal Pacific & Federal Pioneer ? :D:D:D

I’ve seen a ton of them in commercial back in my days on the east coast. I used to do a ton of remodel/retro fit work for a chain of nursing homes, and they had all their main distribution rooms as well as sub panels all over each floor. We worked for a few year project switching them out. For a long period I had other electrical contractors contacting me all the time for replacement parts as after this retrofit was over I had more zinsco, and federal pacific parts than any supplier around.

Ahh the good old days…:cool: