Time-tracking feature. We're one step closer to offering a college degree in H.I.

We just added a time-tracking feature to our education system. As an accredited University, we are going to be required to assure that students spend a certain amount of time on each course as part of achieving their college degree in home inspections.

That is too cool Nick.

I’m looking forward to getting my accredited college degree in home inspections!

Will courses that we have already taken on InterNACHI apply or will they need to be retaken? I might hold off on taking certain courses if they won’t apply later.

What kind of time frame do you forecast for getting accredited?

Apollo Zimmerman


That’s great!

Thanks for keeping us posted. I am certainly interested in continuing my education regarding home inspections.

We’re getting there. Last month we completed the Job Task Analysis: http://www.nachi.org/forum/f14/job-task-analysis-completed-another-step-closer-offering-college-degree-h-102066/#post1344645

So are the classes I’m taking now going to Count for anything or should I just stop?

I hesitate to answer. I don’t want you stop taking courses just because you might want to take them again. The purpose of the courses isn’t to earn a degree.


iNACHI rocks into the new age of H.I. associations. Nothing can compare.
It is insane.

Why does ASHI still exist?


This is a different answer than the one you gave last time this same question was asked.

I didn’t mean for the forthcoming college degree to become a deterrent (for some) to taking courses now.

I totally agree, as I have not launched my business as of yet… but I am still taking courses and reading and learning, but I do hope it gives those who have already been through the courses the credits retro active if it was within last few years or so.

I do hope Internachi will come through on this. I can Launch here in NM if I choose, I also have passed the NC exam…AHIT…I am certified with Internachi as well. I can now pace myself little slower and take more in as I prepare to learn more and launch through both avenues.