Timed fixtures coming to California?

I’m taking a class on the California green codes and my instructor was talking about how they are thinking of how to roll out and implement timed fixture requirements. The example he gave was that if you took a 6 minute shower, you wouldn’t be able to activate the shower for another 2 hours. You can reuse the fixture sooner if you use less timed/metered water. If that becomes a reality I’m thinking there will be a mass exodus from the state. Has anyone heard of this?

Sounds like typical Kalifornia Think.

These policies are so stupid! Showers are limited to 2 gal/min. They’d be better off looking at irrigation limits which use way more water than bathing.

Just because someone has an idea does not mean it will ever come to any sort of reality. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of ideas that never get passed the “what if” stage every year.

Such an idea would never pass because it would discriminate against lower income households who might have 5 or 6 or more extended family members sharing a 3 bedroom 1 bath house.

Save water shower together lots of fun .

Full-time legislature has too much time to spend thinking up great ideas to justify their job.

Well Frank. No one wants to hear this but your state keeps electing them.

While true, they spend too much time trying to justify their existence, there is no proof the legislature is even considering this.

Google this concept, and the only thing that comes up is this thread. lol.

It’s right up there with the idea that California will be spit into 2/3/6 states. People may talk about it, but it never happens.

Maybe Keith’s instructor is the one promoting this.

I’ll admit, the guy has some goofy ideas about the way things are and the way they should be. I almost don’t know what to take notes on because I can’t tell sometimes if he’s merely spouting his own personal theory or fact. He also indicated that by 2050 our coldest day will be hotter than our current hottest day. A lot of propaganda being taught as fact. Amazing what goes on in these class rooms and we wonder why kids come out confused.