Tin roof with no sheathing

I inspected a home today that had a 10 year old tin roof. The roof had no sheathing or underlayment and the tin was attached to furring strips that were visible in the attic. The attic floor was insulated and the attic was well vented. The tin looked very good and there was no signs of condensation or issues. Is this okay?

Yes its acceptable.

Absolutely the best way to it.

Thanks for the confirmation guys

I love this style of install. Plenty of ventilation on the underside of the steel. No question about condition, leaks or installation.

Just be aware when walking on roof. (as an owner, don’t like to walk on steel roofs for clients)

You should never walk on these roofs but if you do step only at the attachments.

Must be great for Drummers.

more kevin wood, cmi misinformation

all roofs, when safely accessible, need to be walked upon to properly inspect

if you don’t know how to walk certain materials without damaging you should pass the job onto someone that’s more experienced & qualified

i’ll be on a metal roof in Bullard, TX in just a few hrs