Tip of the Week: How to speed up your computer for free

Posted this in the Hardware section, but it’s not really inspection related so I thought I’d point it out. Read it here: http://www.nachi.org/forum/showthread.php?p=281273#post281273


Yikes! I just tried that with less than ideal results. I only unchecked two items and got all kinds of bells, whistles and error notices. I just got done running the restore feature to yesterday’s settings…

Will, what did you uncheck? I’ll look it up for you.

You don’t need to do a restore, you can just go back and recheck the items. Often times if you notice something freaking out it’s often a piece of spyware that’s missing something.

By the way, you will get a notice when you reboot letting you know that changes were made to the system, just check the box so it doesn’t remind you each time.

Cut my start up time in half … of course my techie geek wife smacked me for not asking her what to do in the first place. :mad: Then I got the “lecture” it’s generally not a good idea for “non familiar” people to tamper with those settings :roll: … yes dear.

Thanks again Dom :smiley:

I have seen somethings that look very simple, end up screwing up
someones computer, because they were a novice and began making
it worse as they tried to fix it. Its not good to delete, if you have to
guess at what will happen next… IMHO :wink:

Messing with MSCONFIG is not a toy, it’s your computer’s
inner settings and they are hidden for a reason.

Like I mentioned you shouldn’t be deleting anything. Go to the startup tab only, and look up each exe on google. Your are only unchecking items, which you can recheck later. Any sort of programs like real player, quicktime, etc can be unchecked. In fact windows will start fine even if you uncheck everything, but you might be missing something you want, and so you can just go back and recheck it after, nothing is actually removed. If you’re not sure what it is, ask and I’ll find it.

Chris, glad to hear that your computer started up faster, sorry your wife hit you :smiley:

Hi I found it! thank you for posting this! Also, I have in my toolbar or tabs up above (I have firefox) a bunch of javascript:changeImage and I mean a BUNCH of them. How do I get rid of those. They are very annoying. Thanks again and sorry for being a computer dummie. Can I borrow you for a couple of days? Cheryl

Hi Cheryl,

Sure, I’ll stop by next time I’m in washington :smiley:

Do the tabs go away when you close Firefox and reopen it? Or do they come right back? It sounds like some sort of Firefox plugin gone haywire.

Hey Dominic!

Take a look at my website. My “service” expires on April 12th.

Send me an E-Mail and tell me if you can give me the same thing and for how much!

I defragged and rebooted and they are still up on the tab or tool bar thingy up on top by internet start, windows update and customize links. Thanks for all your help Dominic. And yes stop by when you are in Washington. I will buy you an espresso! :O)


A screen shot might help.

Shift + print screen will copy your screen and then go to an image viewer like irfan and select edit then paste.

You’ll have to resize the image to 640 x 480 and save it to post it on the BB.

I changed my startups a long time ago on your advice and it helps alot Dominic.
John …these changes are not any deletion and can be changed back easy if needed.
If a primitive caveman like me can do it …so can you.

Cheryl, Do as Mike says, it will definitely help to have a visual! You can also paste it into microsoft paint or any other program.

Frank, I’ll send you a PM here in a minute the price is about half of what they charge :wink:

thank you for the tips on copying my screen. What I did was manually click each one off. There were about 30 but they are gone now finally. thanks again! Cheryl

Lol, sounds good!