TIR Camera

Question I have a Fluke TIR camera and i bought a new storage card. And the camera will not read it. Can anybody help Does it need formating or something else.
Thanks Mark.:stuck_out_tongue:

Did you buy one of the HC or high capacity SD cards if you did the camera likely will not recognize it. My camera didn’t, but works just fine with a regular SD card.

If your laptop has a multi card reader like mine, just insert it, and the computer will tell you if it needs formating, and would you like to do it now.

Check your documentation or call tech support for your IR camera.

I have a similar problem with one on my cameras not being able to read higher capacity SD cards.

yes it is a Hc card 8gb I will try a regular card thanks for the info. The card that came with it is a 2gb regular card.

thanks Jerry you win the prize A regular sd card does work just fine.

This is a flaw with almost all devices that take memory cards, its annoying. It really becomes a pain for any device that does video, music or pictures as they are all higher storage demand media.

I wish manufactures would at least add additional memory card slots, like a computer has for additional ram.


Here is a good explanation from SanDisk a maker of mp3 players that explains what’s going on.

Actually, no. SD has become kind of convoluted as it has seeked higher capacities. Originally, SD was only spec’d to go to 1GB, so all products are compatible with cards up to that. To get a higher capacity, the SD Card association changed a part of the specification, and they were able to get the format up to 2GB, but unless the host device (your camera, phone, reader, etc) is compatible with the new specification, it will not work. Basically, an older device that only knows how to do the original specification will only be able to see the first 1GB of the 2GB card.

Now, the SD Card association has come out with a new, different specification called SD High Capacity (SDHC). But, just like when the card capacity jumped from 1GB to 2GB, the host device (again, your camera, phone, reader, etc) must be able to read the new specification. This time, if it is not compatible, it just won’t work. You might get errors saying it needs to be formatted (but that will fail) or a “Please Insert Disk”, etc.

Some devices can have their firmware updated to use the new specification, but most will not be able to. (For any one who does not know, think of firmware as the software that runs the device.) You would need to contact the manufacturer of the device the card is not working in to see if a firmware update is available. If no update is available, the device will have to be replaced and a new one purchased (such as a card reader). Of course, if it is a phone and camera, replacing it may not be possible, so you would need to limit the card capacity to 2GB or less.

Hope this explains the problem simply enough.

Glad I could help. I have no problems with memory space with the standard 2gig card, after each inspection I save the images on my computer and clear the card.