Tired of all the BS on this BB?

Well then, I suggest joining this
BB. NO BS just info for the HI. It is going to be a great place to share info without the fan fair and marketing crap that has turned this BB into a shambles.

I hope that the folks that are tired of this MB fiasco will sign up. No more games, no more false promises. RR this BB is your kinda place.:smiley:

By the way thanks for the support to all of you. I hope to be typing at you soon… :cool:


Hey, Todd – I noticed you’re not a member. Why zat??

Well, it would depend on who you talk to. I understand that Nick said it was a mistake(accidental delete) by an office person. LOL Truth is that Nick deleted me for asking questions about IQ wich is not so quarterly.:roll:

I once thought it was Joe Farsetta, but it was not, Nick just used some of his wording to boot me, which, by the way was totel BS.:twisted:

Anyway Jae, to answer your question I ask to many questions. And I will tell you the truth IMO Joe Farsetta has complete control in these matters. Have you ever noticed that when Jim bushart is activly speaking against everyone , Joe farsetta is strangly absent. Jae, you have been here long enough to see the obvious. What does a man like you think about it? And dont BS me.:mrgreen:

Jae, are you not tired of this vender farm? I sure wish it was like it was a few years ago when it was all about helping folks and not selling them crap they do not need. Try the site listed above and I think you will be a happy camper. Nachi is kind of like a soap you can watch when you want.:roll::stuck_out_tongue:

I meant you weren’t listed in the NHITI membership. Why zat?

Well, now…about that last question…I don’t respond much when Bushie talks, either. The reason is I’m not paying attention then. I hadn’t really noticed the JF - JB thing.

Heck, my wife says I’m not pay attention when she talks – or something like that. (Shrug)

[size=2]I kinda wish you would still post on this board once in a while, now and then. [/size] You’ve been good for us here…

Check the member list – OHIO.

And yes, I’m tired of the squabbling and much, MUCH, **MUCH! **prefer the questions and answers…and the friendly chit-chat interspersed with a little humor.

Don’t much care for the vendor thing, either…and usually abandon those threads soon after entering. Sometimes I see something interesting, but mostly I don’t.

I just joined as a lifetime charter member. John is probably sleeping lol Bushart is J farsetta at leaste in voice. Where have you been Jae? Please pay attention.:smiley:

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Don’t feel bad as thee are at leste 30 regular posters on the nachi BB that want to do someting else. I would be happy and so would John Bowman if you would be a member of the NHITA board. NO more BS no more nothing just HI’s doalling out info.

As John put it, WE have worn out our welcome at the nachi BB and it is time for something that really helps folks prosper in the biz. whether it is new or 10 years old , we will have the info you need, and rest assured dickheads like Bushart will never make it in.:D:D:D

I must say John never mentioned Bushhert,but I would be amazed if folks like him were let in.

Todd, I I have to pay attention, then so do you.:wink: :wink:

I said to check the NHITI member list. I am on that board.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

So far no one has had much to say or ask there, but it will soon, I’m sure.

Agreed Jae, but I am right. We shall see.:smiley:

When we both post at the same time our responses get reversed…and now I’m all confused. I’ll get it together at the NHITI board…:smiley: :smiley:

Thank you Jae, you are a much welcomed addition to the board. Thank you . This is all the work of John Bowman.

I couldn’t find a way to join, and there are a lot of typos on the site.


First of all, Jim B does not speak for me, nor does he do my bidding. I have no problem speaking for myself, thank you. Jim’s views do not always sync with my own. He is free to post as he pleases, with or without any coaching from me. If he asks my opinion, I give it. If he doesnt agree, oh well. He’s a big boy, and no one puts words in his mouth.

As to NHITI and the NNC, an announcement was made last week. I suppose its not another association, sort of. What is it then? If you Join John’s NNC, are you a lifetime member of NHITI?

And ***which ***NHITI? I can recall a while back that Gary Johnson of NACHI Foundation fame started a school by that name. Recently, I believe someone else opened a school with the same name. So, is this Gary’s old company? If not, did he sell it, or does he still have some involvement. Notyhing’s wrong with any of it, but since there is absolutely NO infoemation as to who owns NHITI, its hard to telll what’s going on.

So, is this an association? Is it a school? Is it a message board? Is it NNC? I’m confused. As to the “likes” of someone such as myself joining its ranks, I cant say that I’d be interested, really. I do not believe we will se any mass exodus from NACHI, ASHI, NAHI, or anyone else. If there is good information to be found, I might consider it. If most of the info can be found here, or elsewhere on the Internet, I may not.

How do you join?

Thanks Russel,

Send me the errors, or even list them here or there, and I will correct them.

To join the NACHI National Chapter and NHITI go to www.nachinat.com. By joining the National Chapter you will get automatic charter life membership in both. (A whole 25 bucks). At midnight February 28th, this special membership drive ends.

To just join the bulletin board go here and register. Its a long address so I would suggest that anyone signing up put this bb on your favorites.

Joe Ferry (Attorney-at-law) has shown an interest in joining the bb. I hope to have his expertise back for the members of NNC and NHITI. (Cross our fingers).

WARNING: ThE NHITI bulletin board is moderated and there is a members only area for NNC and NHITI members.


The whole intent of NHITI is to be a huge reference center for home inspectors. It is not an association, society, chapter of anything, etc.

NHITI is owned by me. It is the National Home Inspection Technical Institute. Gary Johnson’s site was the National Home Inspection Training Institute, which has either shut down or is ln limbo. You really need to ask him.

No problem. It is a business decision.