Tired of Canadian TV? NACHI.TV coming soon.


Fantastic Again NACHI shows why it is the leader and the rest are way behind .
Roy Cooke A Happy NACHI member

Isn’t there some kind of goofy law in Canada that says a certain percentage (high percentage) of TV shows must be Canadian?

Cool…Nick. I do believe that you have come up with another great addition to an already awesome web site. I definately will be using this material when it becomes available as a visual aid on my web site.



Brett, next time I’m in the NW or BC I’ll bring a camera and we’ll shoot some on-location footage, I’ll take it back to CO with me, throw in some clips, edit it up and put up an online commercial of you, for you, you can link to.

Great idea!!


I believe that rule applies to broadcasts, not private education videos.

Who are those high priced actors?