Tired of Losing One-third or More of Your Money?

In a perfect world all of our clients and customers would pay us 100% of what they owe us, and pay us on time. Unfortunately in the real world this isn’t always the case.

National Credit Systems specializes in fixed-fee collections on delinguent accounts. You keep 100% of the money we collect on your behalf. For one low, fixed fee we will pursue any bad account, regardless of its size of its age.

Our unique, and uniquely effective Cash Recovery System puts money into the pockets of small businesses and independent contractors nationwide. You can learn more here:

Anybody who loses 1/3 or more of their money is in the wrong biz . . .
Besides, most HI’s have a contract that they get paid first, or at the time of the inspection.

Hope this helps-


Are we doing AD’s now on NACHI…?

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Bill, you may choose to interview some local inspectors who use contracts; it may give you more insight as to whether this is an industry market for you . . .


Hit and run Russ. A free oportunity to solicit his services. I’m sure he’s not monitoring this thread.

Everybody wants a piece of the Home Inspectors pie. . .

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