Tis the Season for Foreclosures, REO's, etc.

Hey Guys,
Here I thought that with the real estate market down… My business would be sunk, the only inspections I do now days are REO’s, short sales, and foreclosures… Agents may be starving, but I know all of us inspectors can’t be… I think we are lucky that are “skills” and field doing inspections (hundreds of us in an area), is much less than the BILLIONS of Agents that are out there competing for work.

I think we are going to all be SWAMPED after the Holidays… I sense a TIDAL WAVE of work coming… its just the calm before the storm.

Here’s a related article:

Hey Linas,
Great article…great info!
I noticed you do inspections for DDN draw network, they pay you $50 per inspection, right? Did they give you any problems for this…


I don’t know your area but I just did some analysis for the N. Puget Sound Board of Realtors and can tell you the real estate business has not come to a standstill. Go to your local MLS and you can probably see the statistics for yourself. What has happened is that the pie has gotten smaller. The question you should be asking is “how big of a slice can I get”? If your going to settle for REO, foreclosures, etc. thats fine but I don’t think that will generate enough income to live on.

Identify the agents who are doing the business and go after them. You may not get all of them but if you get a few you can build from there,