titled age vs rebuilt age

So has this come up? the home was originally built in 1980 and there was a full rebuild in 2005 where they left one wall and a portion of the foundation (to avoid the impact fees I suppose). So the property appraiser lists the house as 1980. My intention was to write the Wind with the 1980 date code but I am sure I will get some flack from the RE agent as a result. Any thoughts?

It seems that they did an extensive addition/remodel on a 1980 house. :slight_smile:

Exactly. Leaving the wall and section of foundation was a loophole ploy to maintain the 1980 status.

Just the way it is.

Now, you want a funky situation…

Tomorrows inspection is in a rural Township XXX County X1X… and has an address in adjacent Township YYY (12 miles away) and in County Y2Y (4 miles away)!!!

I contacted the USPS in Township XXX, and they informed me that the street the home is located on, is serviced by both Townships, so the homeowner may choose either Township for it’s address.

I called the Realtor (who had zero idea of an issue) and instructed her to research and bring the LEGAL TAX ADDRESS with her to the inspection.

As if we didn’t have enough issues getting good addresses sometimes! :roll:

I bet Florida building code required it to be done to 2005 standards

No doubt, but does that change the age when some of the house they started with was 1980?

No different than old farmhouses built in 1900, with an addition in 1935, and another in 1950, and perhaps another in 1978… as the family grew, so did the old homestead.

Not saying that this is right or wrong because you never know how one underwriter from another will look at this but: I have has two of these situations and submitted the form as home built to the newer code and both never got kicked back. I did submit supporting documents. Hope this helps :wink:

My opinion is they tried to get away with stuff and it costs them in other ways. Sorry but that is what they choose to do.

There is no spot on the form that says name the parts of the home that meet the 1994 code. I am sure many would think this is a great idea then just send their lackies at the same price they always get to do the job with double the new work that would be required :frowning:


You do not actually think underwriters check that simple type of stuff do you? No pictures to lookk at. Plus you know the clients did not mention it to them.