TJI beams not plumb

The attached photos show that the TJI’s are not set square and plumb where they rest on the supporting beam. This was noted from the basement and the house is a bungalow.

Does this pose significant risk to structural integrity? Is it recommended to add blocking to prevent further movement?

The home is 8 years old and I have not encountered any adverse effects such as humps or squeeking.



You pretty much answered your own observations, so note it and move on.
Nothing more to say. :slight_smile:

Mr. Flemming, are you an inspector?


Strapping and bridge work as well.

From/by the sound of it, likely a home owner Larry.

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As a homeowner, contact the manufacturer’s customer service dept and speak with a technical rep.

From the images I don’t see a problem.

Look at the first image. A joists is wandering.
Blocking, bridging and strapping impedes joist movement, cupping, leaning, creaking flooring, etc…
Easy fix.

Since the joist are now laterally restrained, and no other apparent issues, I don’t see a problem and no need for additional blocking, or strapping or whatever to try and correct a poor installation of I-Joist framing. It is still performing as designed.

So you admit it’s a poor installation? That in itself would be cause for further review beyond a couple of limited photo’s on a forum, would it not? This is not something a homeowner would be expected to be capable of.

I never claimed that it wasn’t. It won’t impair its functional purpose.
My first response to this was assuming he was an inspector until Larry asked the question.
This is nothing of any structural concerns to me and I would have just noted it in a report if I would have come across something like that.
Poor installation. Like most everything else we see sometimes.