TN Home Inspectors with Thermal Imaging

Here you guys go!

Just what you have been waiting for…

Now you too can claim to conduct Home Inspection with Infrared Thermal Imaging!

You can get set up for $895 for what cost me $35,000.00!

Everyone knows “cheaper is better” and after all, how hard is it to point a camera at a building and See Through the Walls “Just like an X-Ray Machine” (that’s what I hear on the Radio every day anyway)!

Wait! You can even get a mulit-meter with so you can actually take some real measurements (but you’ll have to open the electrical panels now)!

Made by Fluke so you will stand out in the crowd!

Just don’t tell anybody that it helps to know physics, thermodynamics, psychrometrics, fluid dynamics, the Stephan-Boltzmann Law, Kirchhoff’s Law, and all that other junk…

Well I do not see a Logo with that

Had I only waited longer before wasting my money :smiley:

Why so little are ya a cheap skate or what

I’m trading up, you talked me into it…!!!

Thanks Dave…!!!


I can rite ^spection po/rts, has sooft-wear 2…!!!

Using hyper-thin pyroelectric technology, Fluke discovered a way to push the limits of this technology pioneering an array dense enough to create an infrared heat map. The VT02 Visual IR Thermometer clearly identifies the hot or cold source within the context of your application. The Fluke VT/02 Visual IR Thermometer is the missing link– the ultimate in-between tool for those times when a single spot temperature reading isn’t enough and a high-resolution thermal image is more than you need, or can afford. Additionally, the Fluke VT02 Visual IR Thermometer saves a blended infrared and visual image with every image capture instantly! In one blended picture you can get the complete picture on the Fluke VT/02 Infrared Thermometer and can compare readings from different dates which saves them valuable time and ultimately money.

Looks like this is just one step closer to making IR camera’s just another common tool in everyone’s tool-bag.

I realize I don’t share the same opinion as others but I can’t help but feeling like all these cheap-*** “budget” cameras are slowly but surely destroying the future career option of becoming a Professional Infrared Thermographer.

Is there an InterNACHI discount with that too?:smiley:

Sure hope you have good insurance to go along with that cheap camera.


My phone came with an 8mp camera. I have seen Nokia phones that have 16mp cameras. I have never been asked or even been given a single thought of coming out and do somebody’s wedding pictures or newborn’s professional pictures.

Being a thermographer involves training, experience and the right equipment…just like being a professional photographer.

Good luck finding the detector resolution on the VT02. I couldn’t find it. I asked my local rep and I believe it is 30x30, but don’t quote me on that.

The other “super budget” one is the Dewalt version (see attached images). Pretty amazing resolution eh. I think it is 15x15 or something crazy like that. The only nifty thing about the Dewalt and the Milwaukee camera (160x120) is that they use the batteries from their power tool lines.

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Man thats a sweet camera!