To all of the Anti-War people...

Obama said he is going to go after Osama, where he lives, in his cave’s in Pakistan, so that means he is going to broaden the war, to include Pakistan,(which has nuclear weapons) and at the same time, do away with our missile defense shield, does that make you feel safer?

Actually, yes.

Ending the search for the imaginary weapons of mass destruction that never really were in Iraq…and putting all of our resources where they really belong, that is … fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan and those who conducted the attack on New York, is a much better plan, IMO.

BTW, his intention is not to “broaden” the war…but to narrow its focus upon those enemies of the United States that still exist, still maintain control over their weapons and communications, and are still planning attacks on innocent US citizens. I support this to the extent that I would serve under Obama for this cause myself, if allowed to.

Thats our girl Dopey! Better cling onto your gun Ken!:wink:

Jim writes:

Wow, that is wonderful news!

I’ll tell the tens of thousands of Kurds (men, women and children) that Sadahm killed with his chemical weapons of mass destructin that they aren’t really dead.


Not those that he used…but those that he was supposedly threatening to use against us and the free world. You remember…all of the rest of the world does.

What are you telling the Chinese , North Koreans, Cubans,and people of Darfur?

You know very well , helping the people of Iraq was just the made up excuse after no WMD’s were found.

Maybe we can just rewrite history, and claim that was the original reason.

We can’t.

If I am not mistaken, he was gassing the Kurds while he was a US ally…during the war between Iraq and Iran.

Most of the crimes he was charged with…and hung for…Saddam did while in the good graces of United States.

And I guess there was no Holocaust!!!


Blaming that on Saddam, too? He was only a child at that time and, to my knowledge, not a member of the Nazi regime.


Tom…read the first half of the section called “Origins”. It defeats your point.

Funny old world isn’t it? Jim is correct. Iraq under Hussein was a US allie when the States thought it was under threat from Iran and its’ ayatollahs

and then the bastards turned our weapons on factions of there own country.



And that’s the U.S.'s fault that after 8 years Sadahm couldn’t win the war against those scumbag Iranians who held U.S. civilians as hostages?

I’d have given Iraq my own personal weapons arsenal to fight Iran.

When Iran launches its first nukes and cause nuclear fallout that drifts around the world and kills all the trees, will the environmentalists (of which I’m one) finally say… “Hey, maybe Bush and McCain were right?”

Too late tree hugger.

Environmentalists for surgically striking Iran’s & N. Korean’s nuclear programs.
Iranian and North Korean nukes are hard on trees.

"Not those that he used…but those that he was supposedly threatening to use against us and the free world. You remember…all of the rest of the world does."

Those would be the weapons that EVERY intelligence service of every major world power warned of for ten years before the war? Yup, leaving Iran to it’s own devices sounds like a pretty good idea to me.:roll:

"Most of the crimes he was charged with…and hung for…Saddam did while in the good graces of United States."

You can say that about every criminal waiting to meet his maker on every death row in America. And your point would be . . . . . .

"What are you telling the Chinese , North Koreans, Cubans,and people of Darfur?"

You’re not crazy enough to actually think that the United States of America should take on all of these regimes at once do you? Wait! Don’t answer that! Better to have people suspect you are a fool than to actually confirm the fact.:shock:


Let me guess, George Bush made and gave them to Saddam, right? :roll:

First, Saddam intentionally made the world believe he had the weapons, if for no other reason, to keep Iran in check. Second, I’m still not convinced some of the weapons did not exist, you know as well as anyone, how easy it would have been to send them to Syria or elsewhere. I say shame on every decent nation on earth, for not stopping Saddam sooner, before he killed the millions he did, especially the so called Muslim Brotherhood, who are willing to take on the strongest nation on earth, yet were unwilling to stop him from murdering all of those innocents. James, you know the risk involved by invading Pakistan against their wishes, their leaders sure do, there is a very fine line, that just seperates the overthrow by the rebels, and their is every reason to believe it would be rather easy for them to get their hands on the Nukes. Besides that, haven’t you noticed how bad they want us to shift the focus from Iraq to Afghanistan, they know it would be a much harder fight there. As soon as we leave Iraq, they will have a new base of operations. The first mistake I think President Bush made is, believing we can set up a western style democracy over there, it won’t work, not with Islam, it is a total conflict of beliefs. The second is demanding that Mushariff allow elections in Pakistan, sure he was a dictator, but at least he wasn’t a total out of controlled, murdering, loose canon, and sworn enemy of the west. We will live to regret that move, to be sure. I don’t think you people have thought this out, you are willing to hand off the, "Football" to someone with absolutely no military experience, that could destroy the whole planet in half an hour! Humor me here for a minute, 1) Just imagine that Obama is lying, that he really is a dedicated Muslim, who was raised up and trained for this purpose, to gain access to unbelieveable amounts of power, as a dedicated muslim, it is his sworn duty to kill all the infidels in the world, especially, the two most evil ones,(the Great Satan, America and the “Little Satan, Israel”) 2) The Muslim’s want him to win. 3) What usually happens when someone decides to turn their back on Islam? 4) Have you even heard of any Muslim leaders, condemn him for abandoning Islam? 5) Have you even heard of any Muslim Fanatic’s condemn him for abandoning Islam? 6) Have you heard of any Fatwahs,(Assassination orders) being issued against him? 7) Do we really have any problems with Racism in America? 8) Do you believe he sat in his church for twenty years and never heard any of the things Wright said? 9)The Russians want him to win. 10) Do you now trust Russia? 11) Do you believe Louis Farrakhan is Jesus Christ? 12) Do you believe Bill Ayers was a justified terrorist? 13) Would you vote for Odinga, if he was running for office? 14) Do you believe in,“By any means neccessary”? 15) Would you vote for Malcom X? 16) Do you believe white people are evil? 17) Would you vote for Jesse Jackson? 18) Do you believe Aids was invented by our evil white government to kill blacks in America?

To whomever sent me the ugly reddie, no I will not admit that I am a racist, you call me white trash, from your last remark, in bold, it seems you are indeed racist.