To Exceed or Not to Exceed: That is the Question.

Electing to do or not to do something should not be based upon what you want or not want to inspect. “I don’t inspect crawl spaces because they’re inconvenient!” is not an option.

If; “I didn’t inspect the crawl space because of exposed electrical wiring and inadequate clearance within the space which presented a personal injury concern to me the inspector”, is an option. There is a difference. You can be stupid and go in there anyway and show everybody what a big bad inspector you are!

Notice the last sentence of this next paragraph.
If you change your practice, write it down somewhere (in your contract as well as in your report).

The underlined ancillary inspections are modifications to the standard inspection report which are added or deleted as appropriate, or any other condition or agreement between you and the client should be added to this paragraph as indicated.

An inspector who goes far beyond what the SOP requirse

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