To feed or not to feed

That is, and will always be the question. This whole issue of bugmenot, Gil Strachan, Cam Allen et al is self perpetuating. I do not want to restrict the rights of anyone to come on this board and post what ever garbage they want to, but, the responses to the crap written here is what all the Nachi naysayers are after in the first place. If the anti Nachi bunch post statements that are inflammatory, so be it. To respond in kind is doing no one or the industry any good what so ever. I know that usually if you ignore the problem it will not go away but in this case it is the exception to the rule. If you ignore the problem it will go away. If no one responds to the posts of the anti Nachi group they will fold their tents and fade away into oblivion. If you take away one of the elements required for fire the fire will go out. The elements required are O2, heat and fuel. As a group we cannot take away the O2 as this would be constituted as murder, and punishable by law, but we can take away the fuel and the heat. This can be accomplished quite easily. If you do not respond to the barb, the poster will not have any reason to continue the fight. I learned the lesson a while back and try to live by the learning of said lesson. Unfortunately there are a few on the message board that seem to not be able to restrain themselves and jump in under the guise of protecting the members. We don’t need protection from the naysayers as we, as members, know why we are members and for me all the negativity in the world is not going to change my mind about why I joined the Association in the first place. All associations have their good and bad points I just happen to think that NACHI is the association with more to offer for me than any other association.
So I guess what I am trying to get across is that if you continue to add fuel and heat to the fire the fire will continue to grow and sooner than later the fire will get out of control. This has happened in the past and did no one any good. Cool down the rhetoric , reduce the amount of fuel and the fire will die out. I am not naive to think that other fires will not be started by one or more people in and out of the Association but the same rules apply to all on this message board.
There have been users restricted in the past and I am sure the same will happen in the future if enough of the members complain about the problem. Restrictions have been placed on members as well as non members so the writing is on the wall for all to see.
Larry Ewens
My rant for today

Just as a quick PS
I once knew a Cam Allen in Kingston who was the son of my Scout Master Tom Allen a man I have great respect for even though he passed away a good many years ago. I wonder?

Amen Larry!

Good post Larry. You got a couple of things wrong however. I’m not who you think, for one. And I am not anti-NACHI, only anti-Ray and Roy’s daily badmouthing. Just wanted to clear that up.

Oh, and for the record, Raymond Wand is bugmenot.

After I’m gone I hope the members here will heed your words of wisdom and make an effort to ignore the trash talk coming from Ray and Roy on a daily basis. It does no one any good, especially NACHI.


Larry, excellant post, but alas methinks fallen on deaf ears.

Is it possible that you are trying to defend the truth of your own words?

Is it possible that you have no conception of what Wisdom means?

Is it possible that you have never experienced logic, truth, and respect?

Is it possible that you have never run an Organization that fullfills the needs of many and not the few?

Is it possible that your distaste for the truth leads you so far as to discriminate and falsify statements to two people that I respect?

Is it possible that you were one step behind in the organization that made you what you are, in disrespecting other people with more scruples than you in defending the truth?

Please look in the mirror, before you respond, that will tell you the truth.


I guess anything’s possible, Marcel. If you are comfortable with this forum being used as a venue for badmouthing people who don’t even post here, then I guess we have different views on how this forum best serves our professional image. If you respect people who threaten to mess with the credit rating of someone just because he thinks I am that someone, then that’s your perogative. I’ll leave it for others to judge the wisdom of your choices in life. I don’t know you and I don’t have any beef with you.

Speaking of looking in mirrors, Marcel, take note that it is you who is taking a shot at a competing association, not me taking a shot at NACHI. As for the truth, well, if you choose to believe Ray and Roy’s version of everything, I can’t help you.


That sure is a hypocritical post. You have the Canuck list where people are dished, and have no chance whatsoever to respond to defend themselves. You have the OAHI Cafe where if you post something that the management does not like you are suspended.

You say something here people can post and defend themselves. What is wrong with this picture is that Norm Bushman has made threats, and sent via Nachi private email system to intimidate. What is wrong with this picture? There are rules posted when you register but not enforced. Why?

Norm you are a coward and Larry and Brian don’t tell me what to do you have not been threatened!

As to trashing any association if you don’t like freedom of speech go start your own board! No one dictates terms here least of all Norm the coward!

Norm you have not posted one stinking piece of evidence, only your word, you have no proof other then what you want others to think. Get a life.

Raymond, I can’t and won’t speak for Larry, but I, myself am not telling you or anyone what to do. Larry’s post does not speak to any specific person either.
I dont know about the threat, but there are proper authorities to handle that as well. As an intelligent person, I am sure you have already taken the proper and necessary steps to deal with the threat.
My opinion only

Brain it is a real disappointment to see Nachi could care less about their rules which one agrees to abide by. Any professional association worth its salt would endeavour to enforce the rules. If one ignores the written rules mayhem results.

Nachi has been negligent in following its own prescribed rules. The reason for the lapse? So Nachi can claim to have many hits. That is not acceptable and Nachis image is the one suffering. Freedom of speech is one thing but free speech stops at threats and that is the law, just as free speech does not premit the perpetration of hate against race, creed, colour.

Well said Larry. You have said what I’ve been trying to say all along.
Unfortunately the people that your message is aimed at do not get it. They just do not understand that by responding to the fools they lend them encouragement.
So what I do now is click on their name and mark it to be added to my ignore list.

I think the primary issue at the moment is that you think I am someone I’m not. I have no Cafe or Canuck list.


Lets see, you rummaged around the internet digging up dirt on Bill Mullen then posted some BBB complaint and made fun of it/him. How is that any different than the person who sent out that “secret” letter everyone’s in such a tither over? Same thing, except that lowlife didn’t post it on a public forum for the world to see, he sent it to a few select individuals. Please, if I’m mistaken and you did not post Bill’s BBB complaint here (more than once, I might add) for all to laugh at, then feel free to correct me.
You insinuated that you might have done something underhanded with Dave Bottoms credit rating, and when I did not react (because I really don’t care-it’s got nothing to do with me), you then suggested that Bottoms has a bad credit rating. How low can you go? And when I suggested you take it up with Bottoms personally, you never did give a straight reply.

Basically, your the problem and your the coward. Your also no different than that guy who sent out the secret letter. Nothing you say will change these facts.


You are wrong my friend. I have been threatened by both a non member and a member so I do know of what I speak. I just take into account where it is coming from and act accordingly.

Thanks Dave!